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Ok this is the first topic with my sattelite connection and BAHAHAHAHAHA;

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME flockERS.............j/k



ok, now that I got rid of that bullshit compressed 56k connection I wanna start getting animes with Bittorrent; So plz recommend the best client with maximum 3 reasons why u use it and some cool torrent sites...

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Cha!! What a lazy bastard you are. :D



Okay....I just started using bittorent, and Weird reccomended Bitcomet. It's a powerful C++ client (www.bitcomet.com).


1. It's very user friendly.


2. Let's you choose specific files (or eps. for anime) to download when there in bulks of 10 eps for example. The other clients probably allow this as well.


3. Allows you to set your upload and download rate.


I like to use Animesuki...they have lots of torrents.

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damn I thought this thread was about was about the warner bros cartoon "Animaniacs"

best cartoon intro song line ever: "Animaniacs, there's bolagna in our slacks"

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