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I Just Saw Saw


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I'm Surprised That This Tread Isn't Here Yet, So I Decided To Mke One.


So I Saw Saw On Sunday, Today Is Thursday So Ya. Thank You Torrents! When I Saw It I Thought It Was Pretty Freaky Now I Cant Take A Shower Without Watching My Sweet Ass. Nor Do I Want To Stay Home Alone. The Gore Level Was Alright. And There Wassn't That Much Blood In It, My Friend Told Me That The Ending Was, Well Unexpected, And It Was.


I Recamend Watching It Its A Good Movie,...


I Give It 8 Out Of 10 Thumbs Up

:clapping::rolleyes::naughty::unsure::blink::):(:thumbsup1: :thumbsup1: :clapping:

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i saw "saw" yesterday and now i'm afraid to go to the bathroom, walk alone in the apartment hallway and go to sleep.

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