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  1. Description: higan is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems: FamicomSuper FamicomGame BoyGame Boy ColorGame Boy AdvanceNintendo DShigan also supports the following subsystems: Super Game BoyBS-X SatellaviewSufami Turbo Change log: I'm posting higan v092.10 as a beta release. This release adds multi-pass shaders, SNES hires blending improvements, OS X Lion support, and more. Most importantly, after polling on the issue on my forum, popular opinion was to default to the most optimal video/audio drivers, rather than the safest. Notably, this means you'll need official video card drivers for OpenGL 3.2 support. By defaulting to OpenGL across the board, we can treat video shaders as ubiquitous. However, it's sure to not work on some systems. If you have trouble with video or audio, be sure to go to Settings->Configuration->Advanced, change the drivers, and restart the emulator. I'd like for v093 to be a solid release out of the door, but a lot has changed. So if you could all please test this release as thoroughly as possible, and report any bugs on my forum, it would be greatly appreciated. Included is the source, and Windows 64-bit binaries. If you need binaries for Windows 32-bit, OS X, or Linux, you'll need to compile the source yourself, sorry. source: http://byuu.org/download: higan x64 092.10
  2. Version 0.61 Beta 1


    NESten actually started as a fruit & vegetables emulator. Titled M.U.R.D.E.R (My unnamed rodent didn't eat rice), this was a test to see how long it would be before cavities would develop in the human mouth. Actually, wait, no. The term "NESten" is a Norwegian word for "almost". Therefore, NESten is "Almost NES". Get it? Didn't think so. The project began as a test to see how well emulation of the NES could be done in Delphi. Amazingly enough, the emulator can run full speed on a P166 MMX (with sound enabled, a decent video card is recommended). If you don't like the emulator, you're welcome to try out other emulators, such as N'tendo, iNES and Pretendo.
  3. Version 0.97


    VirtuaNES is Famicom/NES emulator for Win32 Programmed by Norix.
  4. Version 1.40


    Nestopia is an open source NES/Famicom emulator written in standard C++, focused on delivering as accurate emulation as possible. Development began in mid 2002, initially released for the Windows platform a year later. It has since been ported to other platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X.
  5. Version 1.1.1


    Jnes is a NES emulator for Windows and Android platforms. Its emulation capabilities include graphics, sound, controllers, zapper, and many memory mapping boards found in most USA games and a few popular Japanese boards adding international delight. Jnes boasts an intuitive user interface with instant saves and movie recording to making playing NES games more enjoyable. One of the coolest features is the included database of Pro-Action-Replay and Game Genie cheats, courtesy of Gent. Jnes supports Kaillera for online gaming. There is also a forum at Emutalk for talking about Jnes with a larger community of users.
  6. Version 0.970


    Nintendulator started out as NinthStar NES, written by David "Akilla" De Regt. Written in C++, it was a reasonably accurate (and slow) NES emulator which used NESten 0.61's mapper DLLs. Numerous other systems were planned to be emulated within NinthStar (as well as complex debuggers for each of them), but somewhere along the line, the project was abandoned. At that point, I took the existing NES sources and started improving them. First, the PPU was rewritten to be much more accurate than before, running cycle-by-cycle according to documentation that had been released at the time. After that, the CPU was rewritten to execute instructions more accurately. Then the APU was mostly completed, giving the emulator proper sound. Somewhere along the line, it was determined that the C++ usage in the code was very poorly done and was slowing the program down, so I converted it to plain C and named the program "Nintendulator". The eventual goal of Nintendulator is to be *the* most accurate NES emulator, right down to the hardware quirks. In the meanwhile, it can certainly be used to test NES code with confidence that if it works properly in Nintendulator, it will probably work properly on the real hardware as well.
  7. From the author: Recent Change logs: 2013/05/16 Added a function to handle palette swaps if not using auto generate. If you have a sequence of tiles with the same palette and that sequence of tile also have the same palette swaps, then you can use this function to simplify the process. First, make sure your HD renderings of the same palette are stored in the same image file. The same tile in different palettes must be placed in the same location relative to the first tile of that palette. Then add tile mapping for the first palette as usual. After that, click the 'Batch mapping' to open a dialog box. Select the image file of the first palette and select the first tile and the last tile of the sequence. Then select the new palette, the image file of the new palette and the location of the first tile within the image file. Click 'Add mappings' and the program will add mappings to the new palette for all the tiles between the first and the last, using the new location of the first tile as reference. 2013/07/11 1. Fix a save state crashing bug 2. Fix displaying 16 pixel high sprites 2013/07/19 Fixed sprites not showing during gameplay in Kirby's Adventure source: http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9935download: HDNes (2013/07/19)
  8. http://www.fceux.com/web/download.html
  9. http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/list
  10. http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/list
  11. http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/list
  12. http://byuu.org/?page=bsnes&bg=3
  13. http://byuu.org/?page=bsnes&bg=3 Yes, this new version has Nintendo DS emulation!
  14. http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/detail?name=HalfNES%200.049.zip&can=2&q=
  15. http://sourceforge.net/projects/mynes/files/
  16. http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/list
  17. NES emulator. Get it here --> http://code.google.c.../downloads/list
  18. Get it here --> http://rocknes.kinox.org/
  19. http://rocknes.kinox.org/ What's new for version 5.07 (18th March 2012) --------------------------------------------- - Improved 640x480 stretched mode. - Improved/fixed APU timing to match the behavior of the hardware. - Improved savestate code, old files are not compatible (must be version 4). - Tweaked mouse support for gameplay, now you can adjust the number of frames between mouse polls. - Fixed mapper 4 (MMC3), IRQ code rewritten. - Fixed mapper 5 (MMC5), added extended attribute mode (Koei games playable). - Fixed mapper 7, now all 512 KB of ROM is accessible. - Fixed mappers 9 and 10, Punch Out works with no glitches. - Fixed mapper 90, plus support for 211 (Donkey Kong 4 works). - Fixed mapper 232 (BF9096). - Added WRAM control to the mapper 1 (MMC1). - Added keyboard keys 1, 2, 3 to cycle between game screen blitters, but can be disabled in the config file. - Added an option to setup the video resolution to match the desktop. - Added an option to disable $4011 raw writes. - Added Famicom Disk System header viewer, much like the NSF header viewer. - Adjusted DMC sound decay and proper $4011 raw, no sound pops. - Multiple instances of RockNES.exe are no more allowed. - The disassembler now points to the line within the CPU PC value. - The close button ("X" corner) now works while the GUI is active. - There's a new menu item [!], called "Quick Menu". - Added a new submenu, "Other options", to be improved. Currently, you can disable hotkeys 1,2,3, and setup quit to OS confirmation. - Fixed CHR ROM bank masking. - The config file rocknes.ini is now loaded from the application path. - A few cosmetic changes and minor internal fixes. - Documentation updated.
  20. Get it here --> http://jabosoft.com/?categoryid=3 ChangeLog: - bugfix: window sizing was slightly wrong on windows 7 - bugfix: window icon would disappear when coming out of fullscreen on windows 7 - bugfix: rom browser mode changes didn't update the window properly - bugfix: multiple monitors should work now - bugfix: input Z-axis was be read incorrectly - bugfix: california games bmx event fixed - bugfix: NSF works again properly - bugfix: stereo audio splits channels again - all save and open dialogs now default to the user documents folder - rom browser is now faster when used with a network share - kaillera should be significantly more reliable to use - improved timing and removed extended vblank - rewrote artwork rom browser mode into tile view - cheat memory search - replaced 2xSaI with HQ filters
  21. Get it here --> http://code.google.c.../downloads/list 0.044 joystick test (1/9/2012) - Added preliminary joystick support (thanks to Zlika) To use this, the lib folder must be extracted in the same location as halfnes, and also the program must be run from the "run.bat" file. The first detected gamepad will be used as Controller 1, and the second will be Controller 2. Currently the buttons used are not configurable. - Also improved the NTSC filter, color is perfect now and it looks better than Blargg's. (Sadly, the speed has taken another hit; I think the problem is cache churn due to the order I operate in?)
  22. NES emulator. Get it here --> http://code.google.com/p/halfnes/downloads/list 0.043 - Fixed more file loading bugs - Fixed crash due to a race condition that only occurred on Linux - Improved sprite rendering code, sprite 0 hit is more accurate, battletoads snake pit level shouldn't shake any more. 0.042 - Added video smoothing option - Updated NTSC filter (use with the video smoothing on for best results) - Fixed sound bug for VRC6 games - Fixed crash when loading corrupt .nes files
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