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Nestopia is an open source NES/Famicom emulator written in standard C++, focused on delivering as accurate emulation as possible. Development began in mid 2002, initially released for the Windows platform a year later. It has since been ported to other platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X.

What's New in Version 1.40


  • Shell Additions:
  • New cheat dialog features and improvements.
  • Automatic cheat load/save support in Paths dialog.
  • Option to mute sound when running in alt. speed mode.
  • Shell Changes:
  • Icon improvements by Pongbashi.
  • Default fullscreen resolution depending on monitor's aspect ratio.
  • Refactoring.
  • Shell Fixes:
  • Various minor things.
  • Core Additions:
  • Preliminary Dendy console support. Fixes Magistr (Subor) and some other 'clone exclusives'. Info from Flamer and HardWareMan.
  • DMC DMA read conflicts. Info from blargg and bunnyboy.
  • Mapper 177, 179, 219 and 221. Info from CaH4e3.
  • Database entries.
  • Core Changes:
  • Better and more flexible PPU address line implementation at the expense of some speed.
  • Database entries.
  • Refactoring.
  • Core Fixes:
  • Wrong palette sometimes when switching to/from VS images.
  • Wrong image information sometimes, e.g. battery when there isn't any.
  • Save state NTSC/PAL mode saving.
  • Minor save state inaccuacy fix with tape recording.

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