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  1. This could be my problem, I'm using an LCD monitor. I've got one of these, so I think I can possibly get windows to recognize it: http://www.raphnetshop.com/products/atari2usb/ Thanks for the info!
  2. Just like the subject reads, would it be possible to use the Sega Geneis Light Gun "The Justifier" (which came with Lethal Enforcers) on a PC with MAME? I came across mine recently and got to thinking. Thanks in advance!
  3. Given that it would appear the "Fore" games were not new games, just versions of existing GT games with the above features, I can't see the MAME team even bothering with them. None of the features in the "Fore" games can be implemented in an emulator without some sort of online database (The MAME team doesn't care for online multiplayer to begin with, so I can't see this either). The online multiplayer deal was just an added option and was rarely used by players. Many machines weren't even hooked up to a modem at all to allow for it. Nevertheless, the current "Live" editions offer a better version of this, and are readily used by most. I could see these versions being very difficult to emulate whenever the time comes. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  4. Kind of new here (my 1st post), but I was wondering if anyone has any information on when roms for the Golden Tee Fore games might become available to the masses for MAME or any other emulator? OR, any information about said games would be great (if somone happens to know). Thanks! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!
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