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  1. Nice, will you pin this thread? By the way, I'm currious about the packet feature.. is it some sort of packetsniffer?
  2. Eh, is it just me, or does that project look.. dead?.. seeing the last update was the first of febuary
  3. YOSHI!!!1! Hopefully we'll see some improvements in the excisting programs as well >.> <.<; yir!
  4. Steven said it probably will be out tomorrow, with tcp, WEP and all .. will we see a speed and stability improvement then?
  5. heh, pepsiman and company got DSlinux up on tcp/ip, and they have a webbrowser and IRC client up running already =).. well, they didn't use Steven's lib, only his documentation By the way, the browser is nice, tried it yesterday.. its like.. wow.. to surf on the DS :s.. even if limited
  6. well, considering the port is probably just a variable, I think its just a mare request for the next release.. in the server-program by the way, this smiley is awsome <--- ZOMG!!!1!
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