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  1. I saw the movie last Friday night, and was surprised about the amount of sex involved in it. I have NEVER seen a movie in theatres with so much sex. It was also probably the most violent movie I had ever seen as well. I'm kinda surprised that it didn't get an adult rating.
  2. For a complete surround sound system you can spend anywhere from $200 for a complete system to $200,000 for a set of speakers. The price can go as high as your wallet. As for music in surround sound, it's amazing. Yes from and audience perspective stereo is the way to go, but if you want an in the music perspective then surround is the way to go especially for orchestral. Orchestral music is about setting a mood and when you are surrounded by the music you feel eveloshed in it, and it is just an amazing feeling. I also love listening to the Blue Man Group in surround sound.
  3. I had the newest version of SNES9xTYL, and it ran great. The only game that I tried that didn't run too well was Mario Kart. I mostly played Super Mario World, Zelda, and Chrono Trigger on it. All 3 played wonderfully with sound. I have now firmware version 2.0 and need to get the appropiate hacks again so I can play.
  4. The ONLY versio that you can downgrade is version 2.0 with a hack. No other version is downgradeable.
  5. I'm gonna say closer to the $200-$300 range. What kind of software is going to be compatible on their OS if they make one? Would it run Windows software? Could be a possibility since they have a lot of ex-Microsoft employees. They can't be too secretive, because to make a succesful OS you need software to back it up.
  6. Are you LitBolt? You are still banned from the Gnafu "retirement" incident. Nice to see Del_boy aka Trotterwatch is on these forums as well.
  7. At Emuparadise the fake GameCop has been perm banned. If anyone comes up that seems to be the same person the same thing will happen. We will not tolerate this person.
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