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  1. Yeah i was playing some samsho5 special, Messed around with some of the codes and got a ram error. Turned off all codes and reset the rom, still had the same black screen with a ram error. Exited the rom, played samsho4 with no problems then tryed samsho5sp again. It worked but some of the graphics where screwy. Reset my box, booted up fba and everything worked like a charm. *Edit: Hmm.... it seems that my mamedox can now see and load the new roms (mslug4,5 samsho5 ect)... but they dont run. it lists them correctly and and knows whats supposed to be in the zip... but how ?
  2. W00t, i was just about to ask if you where going to update to the latest and maybe final (Excluding Addons and such) version Fba Xxx. Good stuff good stuff
  3. I spin on my head, what else can i say . Always good when a partys dead.
  4. Working on my art portfolio. I need some dough and freelancing isnt doing me too good. I need to land a solid spot in a company .
  5. Id have to say counter-strike... 5 or so years now lol. On console, im not sure... FFx around 80 somthing hours untill my little brother erased my Memory card.
  6. w00t another release ! Keep it up, the project is going great. I might have to throw together a skin in my free time.
  7. Not bad... the catch frase is a little weak.
  8. .... lmfao. Thats awsome ! Now if only i had the time......
  9. Hmmm... wow. Cant see how i havent heard about this. Looks like there fallowing snk playmore and bringing it to full 3d. If its how they say "inspired by Power Stone, Super Smash Bros..." then it could turn out to be a fun game.
  10. Yeah its kind of manditory when your born and raised in Nyc .
  11. Wow that looks great ! Good work man, keep it up.
  12. Well lets say i draw alot.... Used to do alot of aresol art (Graffiti some say) but iv been busy latley so im semi retierd. Spend alot of time messing around with emulation and hardware moding. Im a bmx bum, eat sleep and live on my bike. I recently got into older music and such. I hit (autograph) alot of black books during my free time.
  13. Man that movies look so good. Been seeing the comercial for it all this week. Finnaly something differnt worth my movie money.
  14. Its funny i was on another forum today and there was a thread about DeathClock.com. Check it out if you havent already. Acording to it im going to die on Sunday, June 19, 2072. Wow.... 87 years old... thought id die way before that. Heh
  15. Hey hows it going, Im new here as you can tell, Some might know me from other forums. Was drawn in here by the FBAxxx pro project and decided to join the forum. Good stuff so far ill stick around and lend a hand when im needed.
  16. Just poped in to say thanks for FBAxxx pro, Tryd the regular FBA but it just wasnt doing it for me, Keep up the good work.
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