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  1. dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-09-09 06:25:05 EST:

    3061 / 330

    Your download speed : 3061 kbps or 382.7 KB/sec. << Doesn't seem right to me.


    Your upload speed : 330 kbps or 41.2 KB/sec.


    I'm on 256kb down and 64kb up.


    Which is VERY flocking SLOW.


    But that's how it is in this country.


    that is slow even my upload speed is faster than your download speed. ;)

  2. I don't think that was a direct attack on neo-cream.

    I believe those fuuckers attacked sites on the entire server the last time.


    Acording to doorhost forums.


    all admin did last time was ban the hackers ip address and didn't fix the exploit, so the hacker broke in the same way this time I bet, again the bastard hacker defaced the files named index.php, index.html, etc. etc. :devilboy:

  3. I love asian chicks, I love all women for that matter. Why should race matter?


    good point, race doesn't matter to me and asian girls are quite nice, I see quite a bit of them round Birmingham :o


    as Cinder said before...


    Less talking and More Pics.

  4. You could build a PC and run a Linux fileserver/router for much cheaper. Neat toy, but a huge waste of money if you're capable of doing what I just said (Anyone is, provided you aren't too stubborn to learn)


    I was going to say something like that myself, that what I did before and works it like a charm and I even host my blog on there.


    that router can't even do PHP and MySQL (or pgsql even) so the router is no good for professionals really and html is not interactive on it own (without PHP or ASP). :P

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