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  1. Now most people have got these so-called mp3 cell/mobile phones these, I have to put up with crappy pop music, rap music, some death metal and hardcore (even worse, rapcore) in college. I like Classic Rock and I don't mind listening to Heavy Metal and Power Metal.


    I don't think the Music Industry would ever give a damn on how horrible the music sounds? I think fashion and technology are both are to blame for the horrible music and of course the fans who likes horrible music.

  2. Very true, I believe this trend did actually start in the 80's, but really has gone out of control. For example, I'll admit I'm a Madonna fan and most of her songs on my CD's have been very enjoyable. But lately, her latest CD's are awful. And yep, only the first song was slightly good. (after the album: RAY OF LIGHT) I find it a shame that even the platinum artists have to come back and think the only way to match the industry of today is to reproduce frisbee CD's as well..


    At least be original.


    Madonna has ripped off Abba for hung up, if she can't write anymore songs than the best option for her is to retire; she has a secured future anyway :roll1: .


    Blame Fashion for corupting the Music Industry.

  3. A couple things I wanted to mention...


    The 1Emulation Network Bar is only a beta and it still has much room for improvement. I'll be changing the color of it for the IPB 2.1 Default skin soon as well. As for the new design being too dark, this is your monitor. I have an old ViewSonic CRT and it shows everything very dark. The best thing to do is to purchase the new LCD monitors which show everything with the correct brightness and contrast. And IMHO, the old design we had was much darker than this one.


    I completely agree with the monitors.


    The Network Bar is a total eyesore and doesn't blend with the skin quite well, here a suggestion have all the bar and button colour mathing the background colour and have the font in different colours instead. -_-

  4. L.S.D let put it this way...


    FIFA World Cup 2006 is the WORST world cup ever so far.


    I wished ever nation world plays fair especialy Argentina and most of the southern Europeans with their fake fouls and looking for penaltys and of course some referees want their head kick-in.

  5. Anyway, let me share some good jokes from our local press.


    "Brazil always plays with 12 men because Ronaldo make up to two men"

    "If Ronaldo standing together with last defender, he would still be offside because of his bulging stomache"




    Nice one, you support argentina right. :)




    That one heck of punishment for losing againts the rival.

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