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  1. Soccer fans are the worst fans in the world. Disrespectful of others and property, loud and obnoxious. You'd think they were the ones playing the game the way they take it so seriously.

    Fans of all other sports aren't as idiotic and stupid as soccer fans.


    I like soccer btw, I just think all the crazies out there make the game look bad. Why do you need to treat a f**king sport like it's life or death?

    You are not a real footie fan. Go to hell :P


    He got a point there I had alot of trouble with football fans, I seen a couple of drunk fans try to rob a box of guinness from the supermarket because the person behind the counter wouldn't serve them, staff had to call security as well and they just drop the box on the floor. When I went outside they were just aggresive.


    That was in England, near Wolverhampton. the police wouldn't do anything about it.

  2. I never even knew they were playing, shows how much interest I have in the World Cup.


    After listening to every radio station babbling endlessly about what a great victory it was, I had to turn the radio off!


    ANyway for those that didn't know, Australia defeated Japan 3-1. Japan was leading 1-0 until the 84th minute.


    The Aussies deserve that win, I don't think the jap deserve that goal at all push the goal keeper out the way which should of been disallowed. The Aussies were doing the most running and they once beat England.


    EDIT: I reckon Brazil will win the world cup again.

  3. Michelle Monaghan, played as Tom Cruise's wife, is really stunning in the movie (especially during the end).




    She kill two bad guys near to the end.



    M:I III was the best out of the three, IMO :D


    Today I have been to the cinema to see M:I III this best one out of the three, it was supposed to be released in 2004 but the director has stepped down so they had to delay making the movie, also it was due to fact that someone hired Tom Cruse for War of the World movie.


    Anyway the story line was just excellent, can't see anymore because it'll spoil it for ya.  :P

  4. Woah! I just visited A@H and then I saw they said they require you to use Firefox!  :clapping: This is the first time I've ever seen a site that REQUIRES you to use something other than IE to visit the site!  :clapping:


    Does this mean Firefox is the most secure browser? Will you consider a browser requirement like that for this site?  :clapping:


    Tim is only in it for the money not the security, so he get $1 for each person who downloads firefox with the google bar. I'm glad I downloaded firefox earlier before that happened.

  5. Superman attacked PornoCop with a Atomic Bomb (621 str) and took off 193!

    PornoCop has 3621 HP left!



    PornoCop counterattacks with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and takes off 637!

    Superman has 548 HP left!



    You gain: 182 EXP points!!!!









    Superman doesn't anything stop you from attacking.

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