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  1. Maybe some ROMs' grouping would be needed in MAME source for moments like that, so that users can turn on needed filters.
  2. I also agree. 1, 2, 3 - yes, 4 - no.
  3. There are such "interesting" moments (as for me) enough. For example, Knights Of Valour: Super Heroes - why kovytzy is separate of the main kovsh-group? Or, another moment, 1943 - 1943kai & 1943mii. Etc. (But well, it's just my personal interest). 😉
  4. I know that the hopes are idle, but maybe we've waited the reunion of MAME classic, MAME Home Brew and Final Burn Alpha (in the face of all Non-MAME plats) into the united emulator with ARCADE / MAMEUIFX capabilities and netplay. The one great Arcade Universe. (Yeah, I know, I've already written that earlier...) No one forbids to hope, eh? ?
  5. And then we will gradually come to Non-MAME roms support... maybe. ?
  6. Starting from version 194, there are really much hacks. Therefore, there's a need to audit a selected group of merged ROMs in context menu. For example: when a ROM group of game Zero Team is selected for described audit's type, all ROMs of this group (zeroteam; zeroteamcs01; zeroteamss01) must be audited. Is it possible to give that feature at least to HBMAMEUI (and maybe in MAMEUI and ARCADE later)?
  7. Yeah, thanks for that. There's a good start of the month.
  8. Great thanks from Ukraine for that the project lives despite everything. I know that many users stopped writing here, and this could be the reason for the finish in future. But at the end of each month I am waiting for the new release anyway. These sleepless nights with a mass ROMs re-packaging to the 7z format only hardened me, a simple low (or private) software analytic. For a long time I'm waiting the reunion of classic MAME, MAME Home Brew and Non-MAME (Final Burn Alpha) into the single Arcade Universe. With the support of the Kaillera network game. You say - it's not a job, but a hobby. I am totally agree. But practice has shown - this hobby that gives more interest capabilities MORE BETTER, than routine office standards, which don't care about the wishes of users. And we need to pay for this apparently. Anyway. So that was it. But that's just words. The words of support and belief that everything will be OK. And I believe sincerely that Robert's and Mamesick's projects won't abandoned. LONG LIVE! P. S. And traditionally sorry for bad English)))
  9. This one solves my problem. Great thanks!
  10. OK, then yet one: is there a library for processing 7z-archives? If it's standard 7z.dll, then it needs to be updated, IMHO.
  11. We've waited that. Hurrah. ?
  12. Robert, why are certain 7Z merged roms with sorting (key -qs) defined as corrupted when they have decompressed after launch? The audit reports that all files are correctly collected and packaged. And, there's not such one in 197 build MAME. P. S. I know that I ask for a second time about the same thing, but still I want to get to the truth, why I can't use better compressed archives.
  13. Within a few days I launched the Metal Slug roms. 3rd, 5th parts and X Edition made the following errors: mslug3 - Caught unhandled St9bad_alloc exception: std::bad_alloc mslug5 - un7z: error decompressing 268-p1cr.p1 (and another dumps) from rom\mslug5.7z (2) mslugx - un7z: error decompressing 250-p1cr.p1 (and another dumps) from rom\mslug5.7z (2) There are same errors in HBMAME. What to do with it?
  14. Robert, can you add to MAMEUI and HBMAME two things from ARCADE: GUI and audit methods? 'Cause standard audit is very slow...
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