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  1. yeah, they must've got a load of donations. It's pretty fast, yeah, i can max out my 1mbit, so i'm happy.
  2. nah, they were down for a week or so, just came back on sometime in the last few days.
  3. the new 5900 beats all the radeons at the mo. It'll be interesting to see how both parties tweak the drivers. I'd have to go geforce i think, i don't like ati at all. Having said that, i have an nforce2 motherboard, and nvidia are pissing me right off...
  4. Nvidia if you want compatibility. ATI if you want the edge speedwise.
  5. neopolitan? (sp?) my favourite there is a good chocolate ice cream, but tbh i'll eat any flavour, as long as it's quality stuff.
  6. hehehe i wouldn't worry, i do stuff like that all the time. i'm TERRIBLE for, when i'm typing, getting really easily distr
  7. first, morpheus and kazaa are basically the same thing... I use bittorrent, direct connect, soulseek and overnet. when i use fs apps, which ain't all that often. i'm a purist, i prefer ftp.
  8. all the ones mentioned, and terrahawks, telebugs and bananaman.
  9. silly, trendy and trashy were the words used. i know plenty of people with and without tattoos, and i can say that being tatooed has nothing to do with being trashy etc. i'd say the problem was with silly, trendy, and trashy people, not those with tattoos, eh?
  10. sonic was rings, not coins. and i'd be crash bandicoot, so i could commit suicide, and do the whole world a favour.
  11. people that don't suit tattoos shouldn't get them. some girls suit them, some don't. maybe the girls you see with them don't suit 'em. either way, if you don't like them, don't look at them. if you're so superficial, good luck finding someone.
  12. Me, my girlfriend and out kitten. There are very few people i could live with without wanting to (or trying to) kill them. Probably works both ways too.
  13. ok, fair enough... did that edit autimagically or did a mod edit it? it was www.illf*ckinghostit.com with the obvious letter in place of the asterisk. I really hope it wasn't a mod, because they're pretty stupid if it was. the site's an excellent host... no ads, php support... excellent host. censorship sucks ass.
  14. you could always sign up with www.illflockinghostit.com
  15. Not sure... 6-button pad for my md? (mmm, streetfighter...) competition pro 9000 or the bug for my amiga? Multiface for my speccy +3 to put tape games on disc? dunno... when i finally buy maracas for SDA i'll say that
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