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  1. would i possibly be able to use this on a treo 755?
  2. Everyones new years was better than mine. i was going to have a party, but my boss told me he needed me to work in massachusetts for the 1st through the 4th. not wanting to have to drive 2-3 hours at 7 am while still hung over and with no sleep, i just decided to cancel my party. I found out on the 30th that i no longer had to work, so basically i canceled it fo no reason. also, i lost my phone like 2 weeks ago and UPS delivered my replacement to the wrong place so i didnt get it untill the 31st. I had no phone numbers in it and my pleas for friends to call me on myspace and aim all went unanswered so i spent the night playing rockband online alone in my apartment... crappiest new years ever.
  3. well my phone pretty much can take any type of stuff that can go on a pc. its got all that windows stuff. i was more interested in genesis/snes emulators anyways though. sonic the hedgehog 2 ftw!!
  4. all im going to say about my 1st time is that niether of us knew what the hell we were doing and 2 mins later it was all over.lol
  5. Ive got a sprint treo 755 and i was wondering which emulators u guys would recommend for putting on the phone. as of right now ive only got like 50 megs of free space (i have yet to buy a mini sd card.) jw. how much space does an avg n64 game take (im guessing 2 much, this is more for when i get my memory cards.) ~thanks
  6. not exactly new here (i opened my account 3+ years ago) but im just starting to get back on.. figured id just say whats up to everyone.
  7. Hmmmm,let me chime in w/my thoughts on this.. Im sure someone has probably said this, but if a woman was being treated by a man, like fatal has been by these dudes, it would be %100 sexual harrasment..Girls sue their companies for this BS (and much less) all the time, i dont see why fatal shouldnt have the same rights... Sue the bastards.. I definitleyget what hes saying and i dont really get a homophobe vibe by his reaction. Hell, if i had trannies trying to get in my pants id probably have a much less favourable reaction than fatal has had. Im not a gay basher, but i really dont think id be able to stand it...
  8. I'm not really a true fan of the FF series. Hell ff7 is the only 1 i really liked... I started on FF7... Since then I have played most of them, and seriously, IMO, nothing has come close to FF7. Ive never really gotten into a game like the way i did in ff7 (got a little of the same feelings in shenmue...) Ive heard people say 6 > 7 and give good reasons. I respect their opinions. I havnt played 6 all the way through, so i really dont have too too much to base my opinion of that game on. I can just say that with certainty i liked ff7 soooooooooooooo much more than i did ff8..Also, there is a reason why FF7 wins all the "which game is the best" polls..it is...
  9. Hey people, i hope i didnt post in here before, but whats up?? I'm a 1emulation n00b so i guess ill introduce myself i go by Baekayl age 20/male in rhode island (providence) USA I play all sorts of games Tekken tag gran turismos Final fantasys Tony hawks GTAs Golden eye smash bros. TTT champ of RI right now..U want some fights PM me or find me on tekken zaibatsu (same name..)
  10. OMG, i didnt read this thread (in a hurry) but anyone that says ff8> ff7 is on crack. where to start FF7 had better: characters, storyline, fighting system, magic system, world map, vehicles... ff8 haf:crappy lead char..actualyl everyone except quistis pretty much sucked.. junctioning was crap.."hey, ill just make all my guys absorb everything".. only thing better about 8 was the card game, which wouldnt have worked in ff7 so who cares about it... FF7>>>>>>>>>>>>>(infinite) ff8
  11. I think the FF series has prob had the best overall music... Ive been trying to make beats out of some of the stuff, but i suck at producing..lol.. Tekken 2 had a nice theme.. Everyone and their mother knows the zelda theme..same w/mario bros, SF and early sonic games...
  12. T4 sucked.. I'm sorry, but TTT is an infinitley better game. TTT actually took skill to play. hell, ive been playing TTT for years now and I still cant do some stuff in the game (damned jWS moves!!!!!!) T4=pokes,turtling,jabs...thats about it.. T5 looks absolutely awesome. a Jun like character is back, raven looks kinda weird, but his fighting looked cool, feng wei (whatever his name is...)looks evil as hell.. I hope they fix jin (no more JFLS please!!!!..) and make Kazuyas wgf Sm again... If these things happen I will love T5!! Still hoping Baek returns..lol
  13. I usually stay up untill about 4 am. Just got caught in a cycle where i wake up at 10 am, and stay up most of the night. I havnt eaten breakfast in the year 2004 yet..lol
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