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  1.   Thanks but that link is mame/mess source. I am seeking MESSUI 167+168 source
  2. Hoping for 167 and 168. thanks robertt
  3. Thanks Robert your post with attached file , allowed all to compile perfectly.
  4. Having an issue compiling messui, hoping for some advice Thanks. I am unable to create the ui version, get this error: C:/buildtools/src/mess/scripts/genie.lua:1087: Unsupported value 'messui' for OSD stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' C:/buildtools/src/mess/scripts/genie.lua:1087: in main chunk [C]: in upvalue 'builtin_dofile' [string "premake = { }..."]:67: in function 'dofile' [string "_WORKING_DIR = os.getcwd()..."]:41: in function '_premake_main' makefile:665: recipe for target 'build/projects/messui/mess/gmake-mingw64-gcc/Makefile' f
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