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  1. I posted this on my own, BP didn't ask/tell me to say anything. I'm just sick of personal attacks. I understand that the scene is broken, I just want it to be civil. Maybe that is asking too much... You guys can go back to whatever it was you were doing before I interrupted.
  2. My post was a request to stop the personal stuff. The post I was referencing was edited before I completed my response to it. In the end, I think this is whole thing is about playing games and having fun. It shouldn't be personal. I come here now and again to read up on what is happing in the general scene. I like to read fumanchu's news posts and see what else is going on. I appreciate that there are folks here and on other sites continuing to push the boundaries of Emulation on the xBox. I still occasionally use standalone emus but mostly on PC or x360 because xBox 1 is just not powerful enough for some emulation and I'm not interested in playing games with significant speed and sound issues. I should know better than to come to this part of the forum because threads like this just make me sad. I don't agree that CoinOPS is a "con job". The simple and elegant unified UI and cab specific features make it so my kids and wife can have fun playing games without me having to spend hours messing around with skins and roms as well as trying to make something that resembles a PC emulation front end in XBMC4XBOX. Does that make me a leech, beggar, starving puppy, nobody or other insult I could grab from this thread if I went back more than just this page? Maybe to some of y'all it does... As far as the current CoinOPs site not being a community, I don't agree. While I spend most of my time in the hardware section because I like helping folks build xBox powered cabs, there are active discussions with many folks volunteering in the private forum. I have a bunch more I want to say but it is mostly related to trying to make things better in the fractured scene and having seen the flame wars I know that it is a waste of time. If I had a magic wand, I would bring it all together again. I appreciate all the work the various devs have put into emulation on the PC as a foundation and then xBox and x360 but I spend most of my gaming time in CoinOPs and I appreciate what BP continues to do with the project. To all "sides" of this conflict: can we please stop the personal insults?
  3. I wrote a long post and nuked it. The personal stuff is poison. I'll leave it at that...
  4. I may be reading this wrong but the tone seems to be mocking the number of releases and revisions. I do not think this is aligned with the attempt at a fresh start here. @newwave - If you like CoinOPs, know that it has been updated many times in recent months and I think that is a good thing. If you like it and choose to get the latest and greatest, keep an eye out for updates here (thanks Fu) as well as on the official forum. I personally like that features are released quickly and often so end users who choose to can get the latest and greatest features quickly. I have friends I helped setup CoinOps cabinets for who are on older versions of CoinOps 3 and likely will not upgrade anytime soon. I'm happy to be a beta tester and update often.
  5. I had a super hard time soldering as well and I've solder many console chips in. I was told that this one is pretty easy but has two grounds, one for the dpad and another bor the buttons. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/designer-s-wi...0cm-cable-47610 I just ordered one a few days ago to make a guide. If you are in a hurry, you have the $, and you did end up getting a j-pac, you might want to look at this: X-Box Control Adaptor + X-Box AV to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor from http://www.ultimarc.com/xba.html or two dual strikes from http://www.arcadeforge.de/
  6. I gave up on PC emulation after 10+ years when I get fed up trying to get good resolution on a 480i TV via component cables I installed in my cabinet. I tried ATI and nVidia and all sorts of driver versions in XP and Linux. When I stumbled across coinops and fired up one of my old modded xboxes that was collecting dust, I had it working pretty much how I wanted it in 10 minutes. Put on top of that the time saved configuring video previews and front ends on a PC and there is little reason to use a PC. Not only is it amazing, it is easy. Unless you have a PC kicking around, it is cheap too.
  7. Updates? I'm really curious about the whole eBay timer board thing and how it works...
  8. Out of curiosity, what kind of data would I need to provided to help enable support? Is the info I provided with the Product and Vendor ID enough? I pulled that from my mac laptop but can check in windoze or linux if it would help. Thanks to all who have provided these awesome emus!
  9. Thanks for showing interest. I've had a hell of a time getting any traction on this issue and would love a trackball because my wife loves centipede and marble madness. Hello- I don't seem to be able to get past the Test mode screen in Arkanoid in FBL1.5 but that isn't really a bad thing since it shows the inputs. In my cab, I can see the P1 and P2 buttons registering in test mode. I tried a regular xbox controller in port one and the left stick registers as the 1P paddle. I tried the two trackballs in all the various ports with no luck. I also tried my Griffin PowerMate which works as a mouse in XBMC and does work on Arkanoid and Tron in CoinOPs2. It does not work in FBL1.5. I'm happy to test any combinations you would like me to try. For reference, this is the info I get from the PowerMate when I plug it into my mac: Griffin PowerMate: Product ID: 0x0410 Vendor ID: 0x077d Version: 1.09 Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Griffin Technology, Inc.
  10. Thank you! I can wait. I hope you are able to leverage some of the USB interface code from XBMC4 xbox since it seems to have a pretty wide range of mouse and trackball support.
  11. I'm looking forward to CoinOPS 3 on 11.11.11.
  12. I contacted the guy from coin-arcade who is also the same guy on eBay. I'll PM you his email so you can get ahold of him.
  13. UPDATED Can someone help me get one of my trackballs working with FBL on my xBox1. Both trackballs work fine in xbmc4xbox but don't work in FB or COPs. If I need to buy a different trackball that works, I'm willing to do that if someone can send me a link for one. I have no idea if it is relevant at all; but, here is the USB info for the two I've already purchased: PS2toUSB Adapter: Product ID: 0x0020 Vendor ID: 0x0e8f Version: 2.80 Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Green Asia Corp Location ID: 0xfa140000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500 iMate, USB To ADB Adaptor: Product ID: 0x0405 Vendor ID: 0x077d Version: 3.70 Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Griffin Technology, Inc. Location ID: 0xfa140000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 100
  14. I'm not sure what this means. I also have the old fat "Duke" controllers. Do I have to do something more than solder to the points you show? Thanks for the additional info. I'm starting to believe that no one in the world has ever successfully soldered under the black plastic crap. I don't believe there is a tutorial that says more than "scrape it off" then shows a completed solder joint with hot glue on it. As far as the points you are hitting, are they the same as the alternative points shown here: http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagr...ox_diagram2.jpg ?
  15. Brining this thread back from the dead as I am searching for info on the easiest pad hacks for xbox1. I can see from the pic that you scrapped off the dpad area on the PCB. I've seen after pics of people soldering right to that area but never a decent tutorial on how to do it. You seem like you were going to try it but ended up soldering to the bottom of the PCB instead- Why? Does anyone have a decent tutorial for doing the scape/sand + solder instead of hitting the little pins on the underside?
  16. Thanks bunch, this is great stuff! I thought that 480p was ED, not SD but I'm known to be an idiot with this stuff.. I get some scan lines from the cheepo 480i SD TV I bought super cheep. I wonder how that compares to adding the Extron in the mix.
  17. I'd love to get this budget model working: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/en/47-ps...-trackball.html Even cheeper here: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10758
  18. What did you end up ordering? I'm trying to do the same thing.
  19. This got me most of what I want, thanks you! I'd really like to be able to use my tate cab for music as well. Any idea on how to get the music list flipped 90 degrees? Thanks again!
  20. I'd like to see Ace's cab too. I'm just collecting materials to do my second xbox based cab out of a dynamo HS-5. I sold the WG 25" monitor for $30 and bought a 480i 4:3 flat glass TV with component in for $10 on Craigslist. I still have to de-case it and mount it when I get some spare time. I'm coming from having a Mac/XP/ Lunix based cab for over ten years and have found the XBOX1 + TV to be superior in ease of setup and video tuning. I looked into that timing board thing you listed and I read a review that the video isn't properly amplified. I think a TV is a million times easier. The one I got has a digital tuner so my kids can watch TV on it. They can use SBMC for movies and miusic and I can play halo if I want. Good call on the Xbox...
  21. I'm a dumbass. I meant 480i, not 480p. I bought a new to me older 25" TV with component in for my cabinet and I'm not very familiar with it. I read a few places that one cannot force 480i on the 1.6 xboxes I have which is odd since XBMC works fine.
  22. Howdy- Thanks for the info. I got a couple of super nice PMs and gave an overview of my projects. I'm going out of town for a few days (camping no net) and will check in when I get back. this is where I am at: Quick reply on my way out of town. first off, Thanks! I have two cabinets I'm working on: #1 is an already setup cabinet with a 25" 480p CRT tv rotated vertically. It is currently running an iPac for joysticks, a USB trackball and a USB spinner all using the basic XP mouse drivers- nothing special. My current frontend is maximus arcade but I've also used Mala and others. goals- - to figure out if I can use my way overpowered dedicated PC for other uses and replace the brain with an XBOX - to emulate mame with a decent front end. I don't need to customize it too much. - to see if I can get the USB trackball and spinner working under xbox- I'm willing to buy a new trackball if needed. - games= vertical only with titles through the early/mid 1990s. - I'd like very clean video maybe using the "pixel perfect" settings - I'll likely solder joysticks (I like to solder) and ditch the iPac - nothing but mame (and Raiden if it isn't mame) - id love to have a working coindoor but that isn't necessary where I with the xbox so far: - I have my 250 gig xbox ( I have a 500 gig one too) updated with the latest xbmc4xbox (no CPU or RAM modes) - I have coinops 2 r3 plus some bonus packs I found installed and running great. - I had to rin video via s-video since component does not work with my 480p only once I launch coinops. The video is fine and works in XBMC fine under 480p. This is the question I posted as I'd like to use component input instead of s-video. - I have an old xbox to USB cable I made years ago- I plugged it in with a few mice. trackball, and spinner and none of them do a thing in the total of 5 minutes I've spent on this. Cabinet #2 is a horizontal mounted Wells gardner old school cabinet I've yet to work on. goals: - xbox as well - horizontal games only - joysticks with 6/7 buttons. - to see if the xbox will allow older fighters to run well - I might swap out the Tv for the arcade monitor in the two cabs since the TV in the horizontal cabinet could play xbox games and do some other emus. this use case is secondary to mame - to use my Jamma harness as much as possible. - maybe to get one of these: http://www.coin-arcade.com/catalog/i22.html to simplify video and the JAMMA interface - id love to have a working coindoor but that isn't necessary - native arcade resolution where I am with this one: - I have the cabinet and an old crap JAMMA game working - I have a 500 GB Xbox for this cabinet Thanks you sooo much, Sharpfork
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