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Found 1 result

  1. Street Fighter Hadoken 720p - Final Burn Legends Skin Released 1/6/12 By Mr Feud Hi guys, here is my Street Fighter “Hadoken” themed skin I made for Final Burn Legends arcade emulator. I kept the original FBL logo because I liked the look of the original logo with the skin. The skin looks best when viewed with the game title and the video, to view just make sure your game title screen shots are located in the folder called “shots 1” located in the main final burn legends emulator folder. The skin comes with different mainmenus, rombrowsers and option screens each with a different look also it comes with dashboard icons that you can use but you have to copy them over to the emulator main folder and rename them default.tbn. All of these are located in the folder called “EXTRAS” located in the skins main folder so you can customise the look of the skin. To use them just choose which one you want to use and copy it over to the skins main folder overwriting the one that’s currently in there, with the exception of the dashboard icons that you have to rename to default.tbn Also located in the extra’s folder is 4 different music tracks that accompany the theme of the skin, so again depending on which one you want to use just select it from the music folder and copy it over to the skins mainmenu folder overwriting the music that is already in there, or you can use your own themes up to you. Also the skin also comes with an animated mainmenu video from the street fighter II Manga that I edited, that goes well with the theme of the skin. Hope you enjoy the skin Hadoken 720p skin - Features - Four different main menus - AKUMA, BISON SAGAT, KEN - Three different Rombrowsers – RYU, GEN, CAMMY - Three different option screens – RYU STAGE, RAIN CLOUDS, LIGHTNING AKUMA - Four different music tracks - Custom animated main menu video - Logo’s for XBMC, wide and normal - Skin supports single screen or dual screen on rombrowser music tracks listing 1 – Akuma Remix 2 - Ryu theme - “Street fighter II animated movie” 3 - Ryu theme - orchestrated version 4 – Street fighter V - theme here are some rough mockups of the mainmenu's and rombrowsers RYU SAGAT AKUMA KEN here are the rombrowsers mockups M.BISON GEN CAMMY Option screens example The default theme has RYU and Bison, but try the different combinations of screens, for e.g the "Akuma" mainmenu, "Gen" rombrowser and "Akuma" option screen go together nicely with the "Akuma" theme music, but the choice is yours download link http://mir.cr/1148ETHA hope you enjoy
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