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  1. Is there really any point to including the console games? Sure i thought it would be nice to have them all in one emu, but upon trying it out it just equates to a poorer experience when compared to playing them on xports emus. Theres no save states, no way to change control layouts etc and for me it all seems to messy from a visual point, like too many different names for the same thing eg. Super Nintendo, SuperNES (SNES), Home, Hand, Handheld, Console etc. I dont mean to sound picky and coinops is the best arcade emu by far, but i fail to see what coinops adds to the console experience.
  2. Any chance of a list of all the arcade games support and what the roms should be named just like youve done for the console lists?
  3. Ive downloaded the full 15gb showroom pack from UG and so far its great so thanks BP. Look forward to seeing where it goes from here. One question though is there anyway to use the left toggle for snes games instead of the dpad? Has anybody got any tips for seeding this my upload speeds are only hitting around 60kb. Im using utorrent and ive set it to unlimited upload speed. Thanks.
  4. Could i have the links please? Thanks.
  5. Nice to see N64 being added, any chance of OpenBoR as well ? Is this even possible?
  6. Sorry guys, got a bit excited there, i thought people were saying they had the full version
  7. If anybody has the link to the full version will they please pm me, thanks.
  8. Does anybody know if its possible to use save states with the console games in showroom and also i noticed that snes and gameboy dont make use of the toggle stick only the dpad, why is this? Sorry if this has already been covered.
  9. Id love to see N64, openbor and the killer instincts added. Also a fix for golden axe 2 arcade world be great.
  10. I also agree the bigger the better, how about adding Nintendo 64, Openbor and kixxx, then i can play everying through Coinops. As for midway id prefere you to add it now to showroom even if that means we have to wait a bit longer. Having used Mamedox Arcades for the last couple of years or so, ive just tryed the standalone (reignite x) and its brill, so many thanks mate for all your hard work, ignore all the naysayers there are plenty of people who appreciate what you are doing.
  11. Id also like the link for the full pack. Great work mate, looking forward to trying this out.
  12. Link please, i can't wait any longer.
  13. Its great to hear that i will be able to add my own console games, so will CoinOPS Showroom play all the console games that the xport emus play?
  14. Will we be able to add console games to showroom ourselves?
  15. It could be primal rage, i know that was a fighting game with monsters, but can't remember much else about it.
  16. pookie75


    Can't console emulators be left in anyway? Then everybody has the choice if they wish to use it or not. I personaly was really hoping for this as it would save me the headache of having to get all the individual emus and configure them all etc.
  17. pookie75


    Thank you sir, thats what i was hoping to hear, can't wait
  18. pookie75


    Im new to emulation, ive been using Arcades which i had given to me with roms, for a year or so. Showroom sounds brill but will it come complete with roms ? As i dont have a clue how to start gathering a correct working set, thanks.
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