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  1. there is an older screenshots package available which should cover most of the arcade games at least. get it here. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XX2ODJZD Ok thanks fumanchu, but shouldnt they have already been in there, only if they should then i could have something else missing as well and dont fancy ftp 25gb across only to find its not working. Anybody advise? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, not been around for a while but i just grabbed the full CoinOPS 2 package from UG and noticed it doesnt contain screenshots for the games, should they have be included? Thanks.
  3. pookie75

    CoinOPS N64

    Not been around for a while so just wondered if theres any news on Save States and Controller Remapping in CoinOPS yet for N64? Thanx.
  4. Hey BritneysPAIRS, a couple of quick questions if you dont mind. In the new build will save states and keymapping work for N64? If not do you have any plans to add these features or are they not on your radar? And finaly, i see your putting locks in place on your new build, will this stop me from removing all PS1 and C64 games? I use all other console games as provided by CoinOPS just not these two. Also will i still be able to add in a few console games myself of not? Im still using EPIC R7 and its great, so many thanks for that.
  5. Ok then Numbnuts do you have a link to the full release?
  6. Could somebody please send me a link to either the standalone of full release of Epic please? Really struggling to find this one. Thanks.
  7. Is epic out? Anybody got a link? Thank you please!
  8. Both Xboxes are now sold Thanks BP
  9. If anyones intersted i have 2 120gb xbox's for sale both in perefect working order. For further details contact me at themagicman@fsmail.net UK ONLY. Cheers.
  10. Hey BP, did you lock this build so that you have to include console games? Only im installing on an xbox for my mate who only has stock HDD and hes only interested in the arcade games.
  11. What was the last coinops version that was just for arcades with no console support?
  12. Looking good BP. Will we be able to choose between Toggle Stick & DPad this time around for SNES and Gameboy?
  13. Hey BP, these seem to be missing please add them, thanks. N64_1080Snowboarding N64_BanjoKazooie N64_BatmanBeyondReturnoftheJoker N64_BeetleAdventureRacing N64_CaliforniaSpeed N64_Castlevania N64_CastlevaniaLegacyofDarkness N64_CruisnUSA N64_CruisnWorld N64_ExtremeG N64_FZeroX N64_LegoRacers N64_MaceTheDarkAge N64_MickeysSpeedwayUSA N64_MortalKombatTrilogy N64_PaperMario N64_SnowboardKids2 N64_SuperMario64 N64_WCWMayhem N64_WheelofFortune N64_Wipeout64 N64_YoshisStory PSX_ActuaPool PSX_JediPowerBattles PSX_KnockoutKings99
  14. Thats what i thought, some games show as - Earthworm Jim I Earthworm Jim II and others - Streets of Rage Streets of Rage II Its no biggie but would just look better if sorted.
  15. Hey BP, been away for a while but nice to see CoinOPS is still moving along. If im not to late and im not sure which of these is already in but is there any chance of adding support for any or all of the following. (The N64 Games will all work pretty well with default settings, and the BoR Mods will all run as stand alone XBOX XBES). C64_Squirm N64_1080Snowboarding N64_BanjoKazooie N64_BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker N64_BeetleAdventureRacing N64_CaliforniaSpeed N64_CameleonTwist2 N64_Castlevania N64_CastlevaniaLegacyOfDarkness N64_CruisnUSA N64_CruisnWorld N64_CyberTiger N64_DiddyKongRacing N64_ExtremeG N64_FightingForce64 N64_FZeroX N64_Gex64EnterTheGecko N64_Gex3DeepCoverGecko N64_HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys N64_HotWheelsTurboRacing N64_InternationalTrackAndField N64_Kirby64TheCrstalShards N64_LegoRacers N64_LooneyTunesDuckDodgers N64_MaceTheDarkAge N64_MarioKart64 N64_MarioParty N64_MickeysSpeedwayUSA N64_MicroMachines64Turbo N64_MonsterTruckMadness64 N64_MortalKombatTrilogy N64_MRCMultiRacingChampionship N64_NaganoWinterOylmpics N64_NuclearStrike64 N64_OffRoadChallenge N64_Paperboy N64_PaperMario N64_RallyChallenge2000 N64_RampageWorldTour N64_Rampage2UniversalTour N64_Rayman2TheGreatEscape N64_RoadRash64 N64_RR64RidgeRacer64 N64_RushExtremeRacing N64_Rush2ExtremeRacingUSA N64_ScoobyDooClassicCreepCapers N64_SnowboardKids N64_SnowboardKids2 N64_StarSoilderVanishingEarth N64_StarWarsRacer N64_SuperMario64 N64_SuperSmashBros N64_TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64_TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask N64_TheNewTetris N64_TomAndJerryInFistsOfFurry N64_WaveRace64 N64_WCWMayhem N64_WheelOfFortune N64_Wipeout64 N64_Xena N64_YoshisStory XBOX_ATaleOfVengeance XBOX_AsterixAndCaesarsChallenge XBOX_BalanceOfPower XBOX_BattleToads XBOX_BeatsOfRage XBOX_CaptainCommandoAndTheAvengers XBOX_CavemanNinja XBOX_CrimeBuster XBOX_CrisisEvil XBOX_CrisisEvil2 XBOX_DoubleDragonEXtreme XBOX_DoubleDragonSNK XBOX_DoubleDragonUnleashed XBOX_DoubleDragonZero XBOX_DragonsOfRage XBOX_EdEddnEddyNightmareOnEdStreet XBOX_FinalFightApocalypse XBOX_FinalFightTheLastRound XBOX_GolenAxeRemake XBOX_HyperFinalFight XBOX_HyperFinalFight2 XBOX_LadiesOfRage XBOX_MegaManWarOfThePast XBOX_MegaManXtreme XBOX_MortalKombatUnlimited XBOX_RageOfTheStreets XBOX_ReturnOfDoubleDragon XBOX_RhythmOfDestruction XBOX_RhythmOfDestruction2Blue XBOX_RhythmOfDestruction2Green XBOX_RhythmOfDestruction2Red XBOX_RhythmOfDestructionSFII XBOX_SailorV XBOX_SaintSeiyaDeathAndRebirth XBOX_SkullKingz XBOX_Splatterhouse XBOX_Splatterhouse2 XBOX_Splatterhouse3 XBOX_XMen The following have been taken from Midway Arcade Treasures 3 to work as stand alone XBES - XBOX_Hydro Thunder XBOX_OffRoadThunder XBOX_RushTheRock XBOX_SanFranciscoRush2049
  16. So CoinOPS Showroom contains a few Light Gun games, ive tryed them and tryed adjusting the sensitivity settings etc but the games still seem unplayable. So my question is has anyone got any tips to play these? Also do trackball games not work, only i came accross one and it loaded ok but the controls wouldnt work. Thanks.
  17. Hey BP, all sounds good (other than openbor ). You may remember i asked before if you could add some sort of list to coinops for all the arcade games suported, giving the rom name and game name, maybe even telling which roms are parents and clones so we know whats safe to remove without breaking something else. Any chance of this or would it be to much hassle to do? Also i believe you said you may look at save states, any news on this? Am i right in understanding that you will be releasing another showroom pack that includes N64 and PSX games that are set up and seem to run perfectly? So then if we add other games ourselves from the suported games list will they just be run from the cores default settings, and its simply a case of if they work they work?
  18. Many thanks BP. Don't know if you remember but i asked you a while back if you could take a look at a game in showroom that had problems with the controls. I told you it was called Final Round, its actualy called Pound for Pound, sorry about that but if you get time please take a look at it. Ive also noticed 2 minor video faults, Alligator Hunt & Alpha Mission II have the same videos and so do Chack'n Pop & Chameleon. As always your time and work is much appreciated.
  19. Thanks, heres the list - XBOX_Ballzy XBOX_BubbleTrouble XBOX_DukeNukem3D XBOX_Pacman3D XBOX_SensitiveX XBOX_SuperMarioWar XBOX_SuperMarioWarHalloweenEdition XBOX_Worm XBOX_Xlime XBOX_XMarbles Also is there any chance of adding these 2 arcade style boxing games, they both seem to work perfectly with default settings. PSX_Ready2Rumble N64_Ready2RumbleRound2
  20. Ok thanks mate, ill try and track em down then.
  21. Hey BP, is there any chance you would consider adding xbox homebrew games to CoinOPS, like Ballzy, Super Mario War etc ? Also i know ive asked before but any chance of OpenBor? Im currently playing through my OpenBor games to see which are the very best and would be worth adding , if its any help i could tell you where to easily get the Emulator with Game Paks included. Please give me a answer BP and then if your not interested ill respect your decision and won't hassle you with this again, thanks.
  22. Hi all, could anybody tell me if these games play on the xbox? Ive seen vids on youtube that are supposedly of the xbox versions but they could show no proof.
  23. Now that CoinOPS is also a console emulator the name just doesnt sit right, so how about a name change? M.A.C.E. (Multiple Arcade & Console Emulator).
  24. Can anybody tell me which is the best snes9xbox or zsnexbox? Also what do the madmab editions add if im not using xtras & i also see there are some cheats rumble codes out now, will these work with the older versions of the xport emus if i use the dynamic skins? I also read somewhere in one of madmabs posts that he may have a fix for people with a 1.6 xbox (which i have). What was the problem and is it only with madmab editons? One final question, why is there no new madmab emu for master system? As you guys can probably tell im a bit of a noob, and im not sure which way to go with these emus so if someone could take the time to answer my questions and help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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