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  1. I second that idea, but would like to see that extended to Xbox games as well. Imaging browsing your Xbox collections with Xtra's like movies and such ! It would blow my mind. So "Xbox Xtras" with a good UI / Dash to support it is something I want. that'll be alot of hdd space bro... depending on the amount of games you got. I think the size of extra's compared to the size of the actual games, will not be that unreasonable. It's not like the emu sets where the size of the set gets multiplied 100 times by the Xtra's.
  2. I second that idea, but would like to see that extended to Xbox games as well. Imaging browsing your Xbox collections with Xtra's like movies and such ! It would blow my mind. So "Xbox Xtras" with a good UI / Dash to support it is something I want.
  3. Well, this sucks. I hope it won't hold you back on getting the rest out.
  4. I saw little SMS games in the list so I propose these : Asterix Asterix and the Great Rescue Asterix and the Secret Mission Daffy Duck in Hollywood Wonder Boy Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap Wonder Boy in Monster Land Wonder Boy in Monster World Legend of Illusion Land of Illusion Castle of Illusion Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Alex Kidd in Miracle World Chuck Rock II Fantastic Dizzy The Newzealand Story The Lucky Dime Caper Psycho Fox And for NES : Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 Crisis Force Little Nemo: The Dream Master Rockin kats Zanac grrreetz
  5. Since the discussion is going so off topic, I wanna bring it back ON topic. Thx for all the hard work guys. Loving your stuff.
  6. I don't know if you looked at the lists I emailed you, but plz add "Jungle Book" for MDRIVE. It's not the same game as "Jungle Book" for SNES grrreetz and thz for all the hard work
  7. Since your name is also the name of the team and the collection, it's probably ok. Like a Redump or Tosec set, which also carry their name in the torrentname. The minimum description requirements are annoyingly low. You've spent more time and words complaining about descriptions then it would have been making one. You can make a valid description in less then 1 minute. There you go : I hope there weren't any people on your torrent. I would get freaking pissed if someone deleted a torrent I was on. (Which you already did with your unpacked torrents, despite my advice) If you would have ever read the rules, you might have noticed that you cannot donate upload credit below 1.0 ratio. And besides that, if I really cared about 5 GB, I wouldn't have gave it away to a complete stranger.
  8. I didn't see any problem with linking to a PUBLIC wiki, but I removed the link anyway. And about what it means : They don't want useless info in the torrent name.
  9. Shame on you then. Have you ever read the rules in those 4 years ? 7 - Do not manually tag upload's name with additional information other than name of the contents and tags specifically provided through the torrent upload form. Only allowed exceptions are for language and CD-rip tags.
  10. saw your pm... thanks. i'm gonna upload some of my own stuff too. and seed some smaller torrents in the mean time. I also lowered my download rate and increased my upload rate. Don't tag torrents with your username. I can only help once.
  11. He was banned. But staff was friendly enough to re-enable him on my request. And I donated him 5 GB to get his class back to user. So, tristan, login and start seeding. You can use the tips from my PM on getting ratio up
  12. tristanx, what's your site nick ? I might be able to help a little. dballs, same question.
  13. grr


    I have some lists of (platform/shooter/fighter/beat'mup) games for those systems that I'd love to see included in the new showroom. I'll grab a dir-print tool somewhere and make txt files of my "favorite" games, that still look decent by todays standard and get (loads of) gaming time by the kids (and/or me). I'll post again later today. grrreetz grr
  14. Yes, you can just overwrite with the old one. No, this will not affect anything else on the HDD (games, emus, etc)
  15. Excellent ! I was thinking about it becoming necessary due to so many systems being added. a folder per system would be great. (and similar folder functions for the screenshots, movies and such) Keep up the good work.
  16. Thx for the info. Really helpful to know. I'll surely go for the 1.5 TB model then. Maybe even 2 TB if I see a sweet deal.
  17. THE WIDE ICON PROJECT http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=682126 Wide Icon Pack (OLD) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=02VEFCNF APPS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QSH08UAM COMPANY LOGOS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UHJW46DO EMULATORS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K0JHM4WK GAMES (emulated systems) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PC82CHQB HOMEBREW & PORTS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=81FKPL0W Fancyxbox http://fancyxbox.info/index.php SVN https://opensvn.csie.org/Icons/ Xbox Wide Icon Collection http://rapidshare.com/files/349539756/XBOX...Icons.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/349546360/XBOX...Icons.part2.rar Xbox Wide Icons XBOX GAMES (incomplete) http://www.mediafire.com/?fznkgfaoe2a Wide Icons NES GAMES http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MZGEU5UQ ROM Icons BillyBobx (NeoGeo / Capcom) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=80T8KSC3 http://s457.photobucket.com/albums/qq293/B...bmc_wide_icons/
  18. 1 xbox with 80 GB for myself and 1 xbox (for my son) that needs a new hdd at the moment. And with the current price diference between PATA and SATA and the adapters being dirt cheap and easy to use (and small enough to fit in the box) I'm tempted to buy an adapter and a large SATA. I modded quite a few xbox for the kids in the family. Biggest drive I've used is a 500 GB, which, when partitioned with xboxhdm and F/G partitions falls well within the 512 GB limit for each partition. As 2nd hand games became cheap too, the collection has grown and since I'm an emufreak and want to infect the kids with it, 1-2 TB doesn't sound super-large anymore. The only thing that keeps me back is trustworthy user reports on how to make it work ok (with all apps). -Does XBpartioner make partitions >512 GB ? -Does XBMC recognize partitions >512 GB ? -Can you make F and G both 512 GB ? -Does that work with all apps (besides mugen) ? -Is it possible to make more partitions ? (and use them for games/emu roms)
  19. I haven't tried running this on my xbox, but Amiga CD32 is still popular with me and I have a nice game library for it. I don't know if it's even possible to do on xbox, but I would love to see support for CD32 And about Coleco...Intellivision and Atari 7800..... If you have 2600 in already, then why not... They kind of go as a set. Throw them in.
  20. Awesome ! -Does MegaDrive include SegaCD games, and if so, which formats ? I hope it supports (cue+iso+mp3) and (cue+iso+wav) -PCE, same question. Does PCE include CD games, and if so, which formats ?
  21. Both links are dead. Any chance of them being revived ? thx.
  22. would love to get these dats as well.
  23. Hyperspin-X Now that would be amazing.
  24. Send me the links plz.
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