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  1. For those who haven't got the CoinOPS releases yet, UG has open signups for a few days for the first 2000 lucky people, and the whole site is on freeleech till friday. Get your goodies now folks....
  2. 1) Thx for the links. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) I read that hdf used to be part of TOSEC under the old x68000 guy, but was removed from the set by the new people for unknown reasons. So there has been a set and somebody might have it still. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Those are all great games, but nearly all have an arcade counterpart. And Castlevania was ported to PSX with a upgraded stuff and offering new and original play modes I'm interested more in games that are x68000 exclusive, like "zugya", or versions that are better then other versions, like "Thunderforce II" on x68000 owns Mdrive version, with better sound and grafx and an xtra level. Have any more tips like this ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS : x68000 is an impressive machine with a nice game library. Wonder why I never looked into it before.
  3. 1) Can I have the links plz 2 ) Is there a set of hdf ? I have the Tosec set lined up, but it's all seperate discs 3) Is there a guide on how to build these hdf from disc images ? 4) x68000 is an unknown machine to me, so could you recommend some games, pref. games that are x68000 exclusive, or when the x68000 version outclasses other systems
  4. Don't know what NG is, but it's up on usenet and torrent. If you check binsearch for CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND you'll find it
  5. usenet posting finished. Thanks to z. grab it if you like it CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND iND-csx 153x100 posted in abgx Torrent also up on UG, XBS, BCG, BS Uploading to Demonoid and MediaFire / MegaUpload are low on the priority list atm. Feel free to do it for me, if you have the files. ------------------------------------------------------------ Edit : Lots of videos made, lots of videos found, but still missing a lot too. So if you are willing and able to make good quality videos of NES, SNES, N64, GBA, SMS, GG, Mdrive, SegaCD, PCE, PCE-CD then plz PM me for a "needed vids" list Minimum quality should be 640x480 @ 30 fps, but somewhat higher is even better.
  6. Yes, you're doing something wrong. 1) If you'd search the drivers list posted above, you don't find the game. Conclusion, it's not in CoinOPS. 2) If you'd read that quote you'd see that the driver status in normal MAME is prelimenary. It's pretty hard to port a driver that isn't available.
  7. If your ratio at demonoid wouldn't suck so bad, I'd invite you to a real tracker. But it will show on demonoid eventually.
  8. Are you referring to suggestion 4 or 3 or both ? Suggestion 3 is pretty important, since rip sets aren't easily found, and usually riddled with incorrect rips. The only one I can find is the Xtras set.... TOSEC and REDUMP are 100% verified and correct copies. There's a great TOSEC set for SegaCD, all it needs to play is external WAV support. Xport already plays the WAV audio, if it's included on the disc, and it plays external MP3, so making it play external WAV doesn't sound like that big a deal, but then again, I can't code at all, so I'm just guessing here.
  9. 1) The mentioned cores : PSX core C64 core Openbor 2) I would love to see profiles (and integration with XBMC profiles), so 1 setup can fit multiple users. (Or hold multiple setups for a single user) 3) Upgraded CD support for PSX / SegaCD / PCE-CD so all cores play all needed formats. I hate using old low quality MP3 rips, while I have TOSEC and REDUMP sets being 100 % accurate copies. 4) Adding of FLAC (and/or APE) audio support to CD support, so you can save 40% in size and still have 100% quality
  10. can someone with torrent and usenet experience, willing to burn some bandwidth plz PM me. Upload server keeps rejecting my upload, and after 2 days of helpdesk, it's still not fixed. I need someone to grab it from UG and post it for me. Everybody I know with good bandwidth and usenet is on holiday.
  11. Invites go by email, so PM me the email adress you want to use. Having proof of good membership at "a" private tracker is a pre and will certainly help you to the top of the list. I don't care which tracker, as long as the ratio is good.
  12. usenet posting is in progress, but with my bad connection it'll take another 3 days to complete Torrent is up on UG.
  13. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there anyone with upload privi on TL and IPT ? Or high enough userstatus to make a request for it ? It is an official scene rlz now, which pred today, so it fits all their rules, but since I hardly use these sites, I do not have the required user status.
  14. CoinOPS officially out I'll start on usenet and ace will start on torrent
  15. ^^ Like the idea, if it's optional
  16. a feature I've been thinking of lately is profiles. It would be cool if you could setup profiles in CoinOPS that would alter pref like Favorites or could hide games for certain profiles, so that 1 setup can fit a whole family of users. Even better would be if it also integrates with XBMC profiles so that starting CoinOPS from a certain XBMC profile will make CoinOPS start with the associated profile.
  17. half done on the list. I'll finish it later and put it on FTP with the roms and screens
  18. NEW STUFF I'd like 1) CD support for PCE .There's some great shooters in there. 2) CD support for MDRIVE. Even if it's just for SonicCD and Earthworm Jim SE. 3) Add PSX core. 4) Add c64 core, even if it is just for the Giana sisters and uridium.... 5) Add X68000 core, even if it is for that 1 shooter Fumanchu showed. 6) Add a 3rd selection layer "recommended", so that one can fully customize/personalize the "favorites" without destroying the "These are what most people consider good games" list, that the favorites list is currently. With 3 layers you can use large romsets, without being flooded with the full list all the time. 7) A full list / dat file of all arcade roms supported, for those that want to add all arcade games supported. (Like me on the 2nd Xbox that I'm setting up now, which will be an arcade overdose setup). Is it now MAMEox final + coinops fixes + fba set ?
  19. The full build is build, but it'll take a while to get out. Usenet will be first. Torrents second. Mediafire last.
  20. Links will be PM'd once they are made. Plz be patient a bit
  21. sorry, I ment "tonight" as in my timezone (CET), not yours.
  22. I'll be on msn tonight and tomorrow
  23. Between my job, my wife with broken leg, my kids and the art-foundation that needs to deliver 20 mosaic artworks for the start of the "Tour de France", I have little time to spare, but I'll try to log into the convo on sunday
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