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  1. After checking my wanted lists, I come to 240 games that I think should be added to ShowROOM Also, for CD-based games, i want these : NOTE : where you see a title in the lists of more then 1 system, you can safely assume that it is NOT the same game. (example: Jungle book on SNES and MegaDrive are different games)
  2. Got this on UG forums : might be nice to have perfect ratio all over...
  3. what version xbox is it ? how is modded ? what bios ?
  4. did you delete the old gta3.img file from your x/y/z drive ?
  5. LITE is also available on MF now. PM me for links
  6. If you are a private tracker torrenter that wants to get the X LITE or R2-R4 Showcase can contact me by PM.
  7. That should be "Hey BP" since he codes CoinOPS, not me. I don't code anything, since my coding skills are minimal. I just ask about the cores to add, so I can advice to BP what people want, not because I want to add them myself.
  8. Yes, it tells me you haven't even looked at par, par2 and sfv files. posting is done with 10% par files for those with crappy providers, so you can repair your download, if a few packs didn't download correctly. I've tested the posting myself with 2 major providers and it all worked perfectly. Didn't even need to repair. There are plans for it, but prio is 1) usenet, 2) torrent, 3) MU/RS/MF @ Ark_Adder : Clear proof that Darknior could get it just fine. @ Darknior : Yes Reignite X = Reignite X, wether it be the 'just emu' rlz, the X LITE or the upcoming Showroom full. There are ways of keeping it reasonably safe: 1) put the files in a xISO 2) pack the xISO up in split rars 3) Doublepack each rar with a password 'CoinOPS' 4) Upload to MU/RS/MF with a cryptical title and description from a connection not owned by you (wardriving) 5) Keep links in PM's and don't post them publicly anywhere. And the rlz without roms is done, that's what you downloaded from MU. And it's not only roms, xmv format is owned by M$ Yes And for the torrenter that are members of BCG, it's uploaded there
  9. Still interested in what you ment by corrupted and if you did a sfv check and what the outcome was.
  10. Corrupted how ? Did you do a sfv check ? Did it pass or fail ? If it failed, get a better provider. Even public indexing sites say it's complete. And even if your provider doesn't have all the parts, it's posted with 10 % par. Use quickpar to repair. If it passes sfv check, but still can't be unpacked for being a corrupt archive, some shit is up.
  11. Both R2 showcase and X LITE are posted on usenet CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND iND-crixsl 87x50 MB CoinOPS_Reignite_R2_SHOWCASE_XBOX-iND iND-criR2s 102x100 MB
  12. Those with usenet acces can grab CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND MU and torrent following soon (hopefully)
  13. Which cores do you think should be added to CoiNOPS ? PSX ? Bor ? C64 ? let your preferences be known here.
  14. Seconding the above. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  15. If you google, you'll find there has been a codec and a source for a decoder, but it isn't open source..... VideoLAN VLC player had a fully working codec once, but had to remove it due to legal reasons. Then someone posted the source, but that too had to be removed from VLC forums
  16. Hey kids, no fighting. If you can't get along, you should play in seperate sandboxes. If you don't like the other person's sandcastle, ignore it. Don't try to kick eachothers sandcastles to the ground. It is wasted time. Anyway, yeaahh for coverflow. I can't wait to see it in action and I hope it will look cool and sleak like Wiiflow.
  17. CUT files are references for XBMC to a specific rom on a specific emulator, so you can add your roms collections to XBMC and browse them with XBMC and launch the roms directly from the XBMC. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-T...utable%29_files There also is a tool that can create them for you, so you don't have to make them all by hand. http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=679255 If you want more info, google for "XBMC CUT FILES"
  18. I use a small device that is called Xbox redeemer. It connects to a Xbox controller port and offers 2 PS2 and 2 USB connections + it has a "key2joy" function. Standard is uses the PC WASD to control the first joystick and the mouse controls for the 2nd joystick. It makes it possible to use mouse and keys in ANY game or app. I cost me 10 Euro new, but you see them on eBay too. http://cgi.ebay.com/XBOX-Redeemer-PS-2-USB...d-/200460797685
  19. I hope you can climb that mountain of work when it comes to coverflow. I'd really love to see it in action on Xbox.
  20. 1 - I love the idea of a sleak looking coverflow. If you can pull that off so it works with Xbox games and all games emulated and video and music (with image-scraping if no images are supplied), and have the benefits of XBMC, then it'll not only be the most used emulator on my Xbox, but it will then also be my primary dashboard from that day on. I love coverflow on the Wii too. I hope you can take a look in that direction, and allow for multiple display modes like found on Wiiflow and USBloaderGX (List + cover / Horizontal coverflow / Double horizontal / Triple horizontal / Horizontal Carrousel (or wheel) / Vertical Carrousel (or wheel) / 3D variants as seen in Wiiflow) Wiiflow video's here : http://wiiflow.wiitdb.com/videos.htm USBloaderGX video here : Since forwarding VC/WiiWare/Emulated games to coverflow is new on Wii, all loaders lack possibilities to seperate various categories at this point in time. But a coverflow looking like Wiiflow/USBloaderGX with the possibility to have different "sets" of games displayed (like Xbox games, CoinOPS MAME, CoinOPS SNES, CoinOPS MEGADRIVE etc etc etc) would be a straight winner for "best UI/frontend for xbox ever" ! 2 - I like CoinOPS UI as it was for showcase 3 - I like XBMC Icons and Wide Icons looks 4 - Like I said in a previous post : I love Hyperspin looks and feel for games 5- I like a more informative skin like that as well, but like others already said, a different font would be needed. In conclusion : I know I'm asking for the impossible, and I've read that you don't like skinning, so I'm not expecting anything, but basicly I would want a CoinOPS/XBMC/Coverflow/Hyperspin hybrid. Offering XBMC Icons/Wide icons modes, Coverflow in various modes , Hyperspin like wheels and the "old" CoinOPS Showcase UI. Furthermore, allowing "custom" skins for the whole thing and/or specific sections would satisfy other peoples needs to have a skin like carlo3d posted, without forcing it on people that don't want it.
  21. O wow, integrating CoinOPS and XBMC sound freaking awesome ! But like run088, I wonder what are the differences in functionality between the build you are using and the newest builds ? If there's any info you can/want to give us, plz do. Keep up the good works.
  22. Daphne Xtras are great. Can't wait for the SegaCD pack. thx for all the hard work guys
  23. If you're ever bored, this is my view of a great skin / ui for a multi-console emulator
  24. Yeah, anyone know why that happened? I was seeding the PCE CD torrent at a good clip. I'd have a great ratio right now if it had continued! Don't stop seeding then. Your client announces the values every 45 minutes, and when the tracker comes back up, the announce will give all upload/download info of your current session to the server, so your stats will be adjusted accordingly when the site comes back online. However, if there is no tracker to recieve the announce when you stop a torrent, that info will be lost and your stats will not be updated next time you restart the torrent, since that will be a new session.
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