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  1. I am just passing around the news, as most emulation sites are totally missing it, as of last night Dolphin can play Wii games using wiimote interface via mouse control. Screen shots are located as followed. http://forums.ngemu.com/dolphin-discussion...yable-pics.html http://forums.ngemu.com/1492251-post3487.html I actually tested super mario galaxy this morning and it gets to menu asking for numchuck. So I'm picking one up tomorrow at the request of the devs. They expect LLE support soon. We need more help testing games as well. Enjoy the pictures!
  2. Well unnamed doesnt meen its a PS2 emulator. D.M.E.S. tech can work with any emulator and any system.
  3. *Basically* It streams the game to the emulator over the internet while your playing the game. There are 2 versions in the works. PCSX2 one and one for a unnamed emulator. Example, My internet connection is 16kps ISDN I streamed GT4 to ingame in like 15 mins. total block size was like 13 megs. It did crash but thats becuase of pcsx2
  4. I sent it to someone at my work and she is still clicking asking me were the joke is ROFL
  5. Sadly, this just isn't feasable at all, probably isn't possible Too bad, though. -Stephen <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I dont see why not, It might be slow but you should still be able to have one program start another like DLL interjection but for the DS. Can a DS exe run another and still reside in memorry? Just directly hook the main screen buffer output and stream it to the server. You could use this to put it on a computer screen then from the computer to the tv. I think it would be cool. It might be hard but not impossible. If I had a DS I could load stuff on Id try it but alas I dont. Anyways, Think about it you never know you might go Ahhh I could do it like this!
  6. You know what would be cooler? If you could reverse this and see your DS on the computer and play it via the computer. You could do a type of proxy exe to the game exe and stream the video to the computer. I think it would be neat even if just to get it on the screen.
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