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  1. I can confirm that sandisk cruzer 4gig usb flashdrives work with xbmc, if you format with ms dash to fatx you will have read/write or fat32 read only .Iif you have a spare break away cable you can just solder a female usb port to it or you can mod a controller port like i do in this guide i wrote - USB conversion
  2. XBMC detects it as soon as its plugged in and it will show in every list of sources (videos/music/programs etc ), there is a limit of 4gig though but otherwise its very useful .
  3. wow, looks sweet, do you have a guide for doing that like the slim xbox? Yes i do USB mod
  4. I just remove 1 controller port and replace with a usb socket, its handy for plugging in a flash drive to transfer data or watching a movie off. I add one of these to all my modded xbox's.
  5. Wow sexy! , i thought reducing the size by removing the crappy old dvd myself, but we must also cut the internal metal casing. You need to belittle the hard disk too, seems a lot of work. What tools were used to get a clean cut like this ? You could post a picture of the inside, i am curious. Not hard at all and only takes about 15-20mins, hdd is still full size 3.5 ". I wrote up a diy guide here - XBOX SLIM I use a cheap dremel copy but a hacksaw , tinsnips and a file do just as well.
  6. like these I've got 22 xboxs about half with dodgy dvd roms so i slim them .
  7. 720P is fine as long as the files are encoded correctly with a specific bitrate, mkv's are best for size/quality . There are still nightly builds of xbmc available at xbmc4xbox.org and the forum there is very active with a steadily growing number of members.
  8. I can confirm these work, only tried on 1 chipped xbox and 1 tsop flashed xbox, softmodded xbox's dont work well with sata hdd's from what i've heard.
  9. I wont be forking out $300 for an X arcade as good as they may be so wondering if i got a joystick/ button kit would it be possible to hack a controller and wire to the joystick and buttons ?
  10. I have 9 x Xbox's, 3 with 160 gig hdd's, 1 with an 80gig sata, 2 with stock hdd that i just tsop flashed and a 400gig sata that will go into one of them. 1 new crystal xbox that will get a bigger (250gig hdd or bigger ) and 2 x that are under repair that will also get larger hdd's when i find some cheap. I stream about half of my movies and music but one has about 60 gig of kids movies so they can watch without needing the pc on.
  11. I'd appreciate the link too, TIA.
  12. Been a while since i was last here and thought that coinops was dead, very glad to see its alive and well. Now whats this bonus pack i keep reading about .
  13. to do this,go to programmes and then basically just point xbmc in the direction of your coinops folder,it will let you browse to it.where it says add folder in your programmes or something like that. I tried that but i cant choose an individual file, i get all the subfolders there as well - if my wife would let up i could add a screenshot . Also, which PC emulator will work with the roms from the links you sent me ? I got the shortcut sorted out a couple of weeks ago, added a folder to programs so now i have programs>games>coinops and it works nicely. I minor annoyance i have is when playing 2 player games (most Galaga with the wife) we both have to use the same controller even though to selct 2 players i have to use the 2nd controller ?
  14. Sound like your process is correct, you can use xboxhdm to just clone your existing hdd ( once unlocked) and then lock it before installation or use chimps to clone it. Just had a quick thought, which button are you using to power the xbox ? Power will give MS dash and eject will give Unleashx dash when using Ndure.
  15. Man that is just spitefull making someone drink yank beer, shame on you. Now go drink a couple of pints of bitter from up north and have a damn hard look at yourself
  16. 360 is the worst skin i have ever seen, PM3HD for me, clean and user friendly.
  17. ive heard of this happening with games like strikers 19452 and 3 but i dont think i have this problem with those 2 games,might have a check later. edit/i just tried those 3 roms you posted and i never got any problems with sound maybe its just your roms,have you tried different versions?? I havent tried different versions as i'm not sure which versions will work, Coinops is built on 0.84 so will any version rom work or doesnt it matter ?
  18. I havent used ignite but i think its awesome as it is now, looks even better on my 46" LCD.
  19. While playing a couple of roms i get audio errors like a sqeal or stuck cd type sound, most notably during Galaxian and Frogger.
  20. I'm gonna show my age but here goes - 1) Galaxian 2) Galaga 3) 1942 4) Commando 5) Frogger, yes frogger. As a youngster these were just out when i left primary school and started high school, yes i like the simple games that work with 1 joystick and 1 or 2 buttons.
  21. I tried 2 games but the acc. pedal didnt work, will give the ingame options a go - still got games N-Z to load on the xbox.
  22. Just wondering if its possible to use my steering wheel and pedals on any of the driving games ?
  23. What is the difference between the STANDALONE and SHOWCASE versions - in short if there are many.
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