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  1. I'm interested view my first work with mednafenX nes (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=689055) In fact i'm better when my girlfriend is helping me, she is infographist pro for 5 years now (see her work at www.odilefache.com in the category "showreel" to see her work on some professional videos)), what is cool is i have convinced her to create a intro movie for coinops (but it will not be a shitty video made in 15 min; it will take something like 1 or 2 months to have something "really cool"; 10 seconds for an intro movie should be great?what do you think?shorter or longer than 10 sec?) Also have a skin idea for coinops, but i will have free time in september,not before At least it will be a "neutral" or "generic" skin, not a themed skin, after intense play, it's boring to always see the same samus, mario, or donkey kong face)
  2. only better thing is the history.dat, coinops beat it in all the points i think(more games,720p support,videos previews,...)
  3. Ah ah, i think you have missed one great interest of the mame infos for each game BP, For example in mameox 128 plus!, when you press start, you can for each rom view history, hints, trivia, synopsis but also, IT SHOWS THE ORIGINAL SCREEN RESOLUTION It means it will allow us to be sure our screen config is correct for each game (and i won't have to check the Cospefogo website each time ) Coinops is really missing this cool feature
  4. since i play xbox mostly in 720p, i have definetly removed all the other mame and keep only coinops ignite r3; now it has bg music it's what i wished for this emu (a good bg music makes all the difference for appreciate an emu!). Now the only missing thing is: "history.dat, etc..." the only xbox emu with this feature is "mameox 128 plus!" it was really cool to have all the synopsis and infos for each mame game by just pressing start, then, show mame info. Sadly it isn't possible with ignite r3, or the option is hidden somewhere?
  5. I'm playing vandal hearts on pcsxbox, the european version works! (in french, but you can choose english language) In the pal version, the bug of the us version (the ennemy takes forever to attack) isn't here, works pperfectly!! Great Trpg game (highly suggested for those who love ff tactics/sshining force)
  6. Kenshiro, could you pm me the last fba beta? (Y'a moyen mec?) I would want to try fba on my hd tv (even if i prefer BY FAR to play neogeo games on my good old sdtv (better to play low def games )
  7. I was thinking about US Championship VBall, one of the best beach volley ball game EVAR! (super spike v ball on nes is an adaptation, BAKOOM!), unfortunatelly it's laggy on ignite, i don't know if there is a xbox mame version that emulates it well Playing beach volley with Schwarzy is really cool
  8. I m asking you kenshiro ifyou are ok to integrate the possibility to view videos preview like in zsnexbox. There is a ton of roms for fba xxx pro, so we need a fast way to see if a game is good or or total crap, for this ; the videos previews are perfect. If it's a code problem, i can ask madmab if he knows how to integrates the code to fba, since he has succesfully added the wmv8 video preview in all the Xports emus. My friend RessX has all the fbaXXX preview videos ready to go we could share with you. Let me know Kenshiro
  9. Yep, totally dead since yesterday... I copy paste it here the answer of madmab, He think the same thing of us; The Xport screenshots convention is... giving us lot of problems in fact! Madmab think too Like it works in mame/zsnexbox/pc frontends; would be SOOOOO MOOORE EASY : - For the USERS, to display any screeenshots/boxarts/carts/titles in the desired order. - For the CODER, to display what he want in the General User Interface Madmab answer about a programm every xbox Xport's emulators users could use: I think I wrote a batch file to do this some time back. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find it. It had issues with directories with certain characters in their name (& comes to mind). But still makes for a good timesaver. I think two directories (one for screenshots and the other for boxart/cartart) ought to work just fine.
  10. Hey ressX, I knew i will find you here I post it here because the F###ing xbox-scene forum is dead tonight -AGAIN- Just to say:If we want the ability to display dual boxart/screenshot (for now we can display dual boxart/videos, but for the users without a big hard drive it would be cool) We need an Xport inverter!! All the best emus of the world (mame, Zsnexbox...) and all the pc front ends are working with "boxart", "titles", and "screenshots" folders; unfortunatelly it's not the case of the Xport emus . Perheaps a coder out there could create a programm to convert all our "Xport screenshots" into "classic multi folders screenshots" A programm that could convert: Mario/0001.png, 0002.png, 003.png, 0004.png INTO Boxarts/mario.png , Titles/mario.png ,Screenshots/mario.png , Carts/mario.png Like this it would be SOOOOO MOOORE EASY : - For the USERS, to display any screeenshots/boxarts/carts/titles in the desired order. - For the CODER, to display what he want in the General User Interface I don't know if such a wonderfull programm should be hard to create madmab? Peheaps a talented coder here know how to programm such a thing? Imagine how cool it would be for the poor xbox users with their tiny hard drive to have this:
  11. Hello kenshiro, Ou plutot "salut kenshiro" I have finally discovered where all the xbox-scene members where going So just one question kenshiro, some months ago, i have tested your beta of fba xxx pro with the fast (crazy fast) loading time for the cps2 roms and all the wonderfull new features I was wondering if you will add again the ability to display screenshots/titles shots/flyers by pressing the "B" button? It was included in your early beta and now in the 1.29b, this feature has disappeared? Second thing: I vote for the return of the rumbles codes! Many of them have been created for the gogohackman fbaxxx and it was working very well (I have this file in my xbox) with all the rumbles for the fatal fury, marvel vs capcom etc... and it was really cool, will you add them?
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