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  1. Yes thanks I missed it initially because I installed 1.23. I came accross 1.24 thanks again
  2. Hi fumanchu, thanks the links work now. Just confirming your efforts. thanks
  3. Link 6 and 18 do not work in the first set of links zippy share
  4. https://www25.zippyshare.com/v/ExVnyQyL/file.html Doesnt seem to work.
  5. Just wanted to add, I think final burner legend is a great emulator. thanks to all those thhat made it what it is.
  6. i did a fresh install of v.125 then added the roms and videos after. it works now. Initially I just updated V1.23 to V1.24 then V1.25. That seemed to have broken something. Thanks for your suggestion Fu manchu. If some one has the marquees as a torrent it would be nice to have them. I can then seed for others. I use to love watching the series of Fu Manchu movies with Christopher Lee. Your name brought back some memories .
  7. I dont think it has the marquees i cant seem to locate them in the file structure
  8. does it. thanks I will check. i put the videos in the video folder and they dont show perhaps its the same thing with the marquees. for some reason its not being picked up. thanks for your reply
  9. this link has expired. Would be nice if someone coudl renew it.
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