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  1. I haven't read what you two have been talking about in-full, but it seems a tad more complicated that it has to be (no offense). http://retrousb.com/index.php?categoryID=79 I bought the NES USB converter from here, and it works like a dream. The same level of comfort I experienced while playing my actual NES unit on my floor years ago is reproduced in its entirety when I use this. It's a mite pricey, but with it comes the luxury of using one of your very own NES controllers, as well as a commendable portability factor. I've had mine for almost two years and have never unwound the cord; it fits into my front shirt-pocket. I totally suggest it.
  2. How many Sectors are there?! I'm on 8, right now. The suspense is killi--...
  3. I've been playing this game all day. For the first few levels, you may think that the movement and firing motifs are stiff or even restrictive, but once you face more elite enemies you realize that it's all of the purpose of balance. The difficulty curve is so smooth, so comfortable, and steep enough for me, to be certain. I haven't beaten it, yet. I intended to before I made this post. Overall: try it. Please.
  4. The description on SNK Playmore's official site (snkplaymoreusa.com) says that Samurai Showdown VI sees its North American debut in SS:Anthology. If there are a few places in the US that have it, it was probably an import. I could be wrong, though. tru. lulz
  5. The N64 had a few good games, but I don't understand its loyalists. The Zelda games were fine, and I enjoyed Mario Kart well enough, but the PSX had a much larger library of games. That isn't to say that quantity takes precedence over quality, but not only was there a larger number of good titles for PSX, there was also more variety. I do have to say that Mystic Ninja rocked, though. Also, Perfect Dark and 007 = LOL get a PC.
  6. That's a brilliant idea. I'm not entirely sure it would work with every Megaman game, though. I still need to play the "Super Mario Frustration" levels, myself.
  7. Orochi Saga: America Orochi Saga: Japan I think the quality found in boxart is very subjective for a variety of reasons. For one, you have to consider the region. In Japan, KoF (as an example) is big, so not much is needed to advertise what it is for the sake of appeal. The market is already knowledgeable as to what the product is, it just needs to know the specifics. In America, conversely, the market for KoF is much smaller, so something more artistically engaging is needed to attract consumers. Also, the perception of artistic merit belongs to the individual, so, overall, it's all just a matter of opinion. To gauge the overall quality of American boxart versus Japanese would be tedious and, ultimately, futile. People will still have their opinions.
  8. Final Fantasy Tactics is a must. I loved how all of the music for that game meshed with the era it was themed for. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is obvious. Guilty Gear XX is an excellent example of instrumental heavy metal, if that's your thing. Ragnarok Online 2 hosts some great tracks by Yoko Kanno, and is infinitely worth having.
  9. Yes, MVS is the Neo Geo cabinet. I once found a one or two slot MVS on eBay for $100 (some youth center in Texas was getting rid of it). So, I'm sure if you shop around, you'll be able get a good deal on one. Heck, even if it's just a motherboard, you can make your own cabinet. Nothing like that red, monolithic homage to nostalgia, though.
  10. The artstyle and some aspects of gameplay are quite reminiscent of Out of this World. I'm certainly intrigued and am about to play it. I'll be back with my opinions. And, yes, indie games ftw, indeed.
  11. These seem to be more about capturing the subject matter literally rather than making an artistic statement. By this, I'm certainly not criticizing these photos as bad, because you've done a fine job of shooting each of these subjects. These colors are seen in real-time, and the angles aren't obtuse. If you're looking to pursue a career, or something on the side, in photography, you're well on your way. Photos of this nature are often used for news publications. Considering these were taken with a digital camera, you may want to look into offering these pieces to news websites of some variety. That, or perhaps a website for certain, local areas (like a town or restaurant).
  12. Many of these games are available on the Genesis Collection, for both PSP and PS2 (neither of which should cost you more than $15). I have the PSP version, personally, and the emulation is seamless. I'm quite amazed as to how good these games still look even with an LCD screen to show off all of the pixelation. Shinobi III = Ninja on surfboard. Need more be said? EDIT: Game list for Genesis Collection -- 1. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Released in 1989 2. Altered Beast (Genesis/Mega Drive and Arcade versions), Released in 1989 3. Bonanza Bros. Released in 1990 4. Columns Released in 1990 5. Comix Zone Released in 1995 6. Decap Attack Released in 1991 7. Ecco the Dolphin Released in 1993 8. Ecco: The Tides of Time Released in 1994 9. Ecco Jr. Released in 1995 10. Flicky Released in 1991 11. Gain Ground Released in 1991 12. Golden Axe Released in 1989 13. Golden Axe II Released in 1991 14. Golden Axe III Released in 1993 15. Kid Chameleon Released in 1992 16. Phantasy Star II Released in 1989 17. Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Released in 1991 18. Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium Released in 1994 19. Ristar Released in 1995 20. Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi (unavailable in the PAL version) Released in 1990 21. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Released in 1993 22. Sonic The Hedgehog Released in 1991 23. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Released in 1992 24. Super Thunder Blade Released in 1988 25. Sword of Vermilion Released in 1990 26. Vectorman Released in 1995 27. Vectorman 2 Released in 1996 28. Virtua Fighter 2 (Genesis/MegaDrive version) Released in 1996
  13. Personally, if I were to invest any sort of money into a NeoGeo system, I would make it an MVS. Both the systems and games are generally cheaper (I just saw a Garou: Mark of the Wolves for AES go for $780 on eBay). Also, it has its own, genuine, arcade joystick and display. It's a shame that AES didn't really hit it off in The States; it would be an excellent alternative to having a stand-up MVS, if not for the collector's price. Would posting a link to an eBay or Amazon page be in violation of the non-commercial post policy, by the way?
  14. The best I could find for the ISO of Guilty Gear for PSX was a seedless torrent on isohunt.com. I would immensely appreciate a link to one, if one exists. Thanks.
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