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  1. Lo you should be able to find the logo I did in the official release.
  2. I did one for him a year ago, up to him if he uses it mind.
  3. Im delighted so many people have suggested Buggy Boy, this was a favourite of mine on the Atari ST & Amiga. Would it be possible to fix the minor gfx glitches on Afterburner II? Specifically the hand and the intro sequence. I know a later driver release sorted this, but it wouldnt be worth it if it impedes performance.
  4. Just to say that the 720p support is great! Looks much clearer and crisper than 480p, methink MAMEoX128 Plus is not going to get used much now. I know it is a bit late now but if you want any gfx stuff, just ask - I did some skins for Zsnexbox here and a logo for a forthcoming project here as examples.
  5. Please can anyone send me a link for CoinOPS beta 6? Thanks.
  6. Sonic 2 is generally regarded as the best in the series - indeed almost marking the hay day of Sega as a hardware manufacturer.
  7. Glad to hear this has been released, 720p should be fun!
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