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  1. Thraxen/+T+ I appreciate the quick replies from each of you. I actually just kinda bumped into these problems while testing each roms loading sequence. I just thought with kf2k4spl.zip maybe I was retarded and was doing something wrong. As for mslugbl I thought maybe there was something wrong with my setup or the rom itself. Again thanks for the quick response and I appreciate this great emu.
  2. +T+ or Thraxen, Quick question regarding NEO GEO rom kf2k4spl.zip. Upon launch of the rom I am taken to the input test screen. I have been unable to successfully launch and play this rom. Is there a specific bios setting required to start this rom as I start will autobios disabled(off).
  3. Thraxen, Is your 128 MB Xbox a DEGUB or did you perform a RAM upgrade? I ask this because I have a DEBUG Xbox but the only way I have been able to launch FBA-XXX Pro 1.28 is to make a ISO of the emu with Qwix and launch it like a game. I cannot play the emu from the hard drive on my DEBUG. If you do have a DEBUG and can launch the emu from your hard drive please give me a tip as to what I am doing wrong. Thanx in advance.
  4. +T+ I have only tried a few roms but the one that I am getting alot of sound glitches from is Metal Slug (bootleg). My setup is sound at 48000 with all options enabled in the sound menu. I also have set the resolution at all 480i,480p,720p and 1080i with 3xscale and antioscopic filters on. The sound I am hearing is the volume seems to be lower and it make a static noise when firing weapons. More of a hissing sound like its a bad connection. I am not experiencing any other sound glitches to date. Thanks in advance. +T+ Sorry if I seem redundant. The only way I can get FBA-XXX Pro 1.28 from my debug is by making the emu into an iso and playing from CD-R. But the thing that has been troubling me is the setting of the HD Mode. I enable 480p,720p and 1081 in the Xbox dashboard and in Avalaunch. Widescreen is enabled also. In the rom selection area if you attempt to change HD Modes the emu will crash. For a work around I have found that if you launch a rom and change the HD Mode from within menu after the rom starts the HD Mode will switch. However upon exit of the rom the rom selection screen is really tiny and all the way up in the top left corner. I believe this to be a problem as I remember adjusting the HD mode and screen position at the rom selection screen in FBA-XXX Pro 1.26. Again sorry for the redundancy. I just really like this emu and want to see it mature. Thanks again.
  5. for + T +, I am trying to use your latest release FBA-XXX PRO 1.27 on a DEBUG XBOX. However I keep getting an error loading xbox executable. Any ideas as to why this is? FBA-XXX PRO is optimized for 128 MB Xboxes right? I really love this emu just trying to experience it with double the ram as it slows down in HD on a 64 MB box. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanx X. Patch worked like a charm and I finally have the complete romset.
  7. I have kof2003b.zip running in the version of Kawa-x from Prican 25 webpage. The game appears to run fine, however call me a neat freak but I can't seem to find the s1 rom recommended in the romset.txt file. I saw an earlier post from Prican 25 stating he has the correct s1. Any chance I may be able to get the s1 for my romset. Thanx in advance. Also great job to all who made KOF 2003 for Kawa-X a reality.
  8. I am not familiar with the Slayer's install. Thanks for the update. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing out on something. Bring on Ninja Gaiden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I use XBL with the following configuration with NO problems. Xecuter 2.2 Pro wire install Maxtor 250 GB 7200 RPM HDD (Locked using Evox) Avalaunch, Evolution X, Unleash X dashboards boot from F: All Emus/XBOX games running off F: Ensure you leave the XBOX C: Partition unmodified(i.e. Multiregion dvd patch for xboxdash.xbe) EMU gamesaves on E: are O.K. With the modchip off boot to the XBOX Dashboard and be sure to reset your IP and DNS settings back to automatic if not already set. Connect to XBL using an ORIGINAL game as Orochi said and enjoy. I got brave and decided to risk it. I have been on daily enjoying content downloads and network play trouble free for about a week now. Question for Orochi: What is the XBL patch? I did not require any patching.
  10. Been reading all the good post for KOF2003 on FBAx. I was able to follow the instructions and I have the game working, however is there a quick fix (ie hex edit xbe) to allow use of 271-s1.rom (CRC 7c7829aa) like in Mame32plus? Thnx in advance.
  11. Thanks for the info game updated and works great.
  12. question for Prican25 Which default.xbe for kawa (plus, SE, custom) has the hex string from your post on the combining of the V roms in Samarai Showdown 5. I have already patched the rom files but having problems hexing? Thanks in advance
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