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  1. does any one know the winrar password for ncaa 2005 football by insomnia. i got it from suprnova. thanx
  2. ok well i got a friend who has 2 xboxex who doesnt have live for them..so how do i get the eeprom from his unmodded xbox? and what does an eep rom actually look like? a number or somethimg?
  3. so ur saying that as long as i didnt log onto xbox live with the mod enabled....changing the bios shouldnt stop me from connecting on live if i could before.
  4. yes i could..i was fine until i flashed the evoxm7 bios
  5. what is tsop and no my mod chip was disabled when i tried to log on to live. will it say you r banned?
  6. i flashed my xbox with evoxm7 bios and now i can log onto live anymore. what can i do?
  7. well ive been trying to get the ftp program to run for over 36hrs now but i cant get it to work. i got evox on my xbox but doesnt even have all the options like utilities and hdd games and apps. i have the internet going thru the hub no prob but for some reason the xbox wont connect to the ftp program...i changed my nic to but still get nothing. what am i doing wrong???
  8. i want to upgrade to evo but i was wondering do i have to sacrifice my xbox live privelages.
  9. i bought the old kawax and it came with all the old games which was cool. now ive been reading over six hours now posts and threads on how to put pim thru ss5 on my xbox. now heres my problem, when i tried to open up my dvd and see the formula for the project i couldnt. another problem is i cant find a tutorial that tell me how to burn the files to a disc so my xbox can read it. i really need help just getting started. i have the default.xbe and the ss5 rom and svc plus. i just want to know how to get started from scratch and build my own kawax plus, se, or hex, or any kind of kawax disc. for xbox can u use cdrw? and must u use dvd-r? thanx any help or links will be greatly appretiated.
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