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  1. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about getting the game only because Jade Raymond is hot.


    The gameplay looks pretty tedious I think. The free running lots hot but the rest isn't too impressive. I can't stand that stupid futuristic flashy thing that happens a lot in the game.

    I'm kidding about the Jade part, but she is hawt tho, I'd hit that. Besides, the game looks to be good, I wanted something new for a change besides the generic fps I've seen so far (jericho, cod4, blacksite, etc). And remember, she only shows a teaser of what the gameplay would turn out to be, I'm sure the full game won't be all you see in the demo.


    oooo, I almost forgot. Soldier of Fortune 3 (someone update the list). Even though it's not developed by the same people who worked on Double Helix, from the gameplay videos so far, I kinda like it and it might turn out quite good. New gore system ftw!

  2. I'm looking forward to Assassin's creed(360 ver.) just because the producer, Jade Raymond is so damn hawt that it warrants a purchase.

    Are you serious about this or joking? I'm finding it hard to tell the difference now. I've been reading that all over the internet and I hope to god it isn't true.

    I did not saying anything about the 360 ver is superior compare to the pc ver, in fact, I'm not even sure which is better, and quite frankly, I don't care. Well my card really sucks still, so what's the point? I want all the bells and whistle dammit without forking over a new pc.

  3. I'm looking forward to Assassin's creed(360 ver.) just because the producer, Jade Raymond is so damn hawt that it warrants a purchase. As for Crysis, that was my most anticipated fps since last yr, but since I have a crappy pc and still living in the DX9 gen, I'll have to wait til the game is fully optimized with no problems and after building my next pc (w/directx 10 card and at least a duo core), I would consider so.

  4. http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com


    oh man look: http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com/upl...5101-775223.jpg

    third from the left, tell me that is not guile, it almost look like he got psycho drived by dictator.


    man most of these pictures are just oompa loompas or just douches with tomato sauce all over their face, which makes it hard for me to tell whether they're white or black.



  5. Anyone watched Death Note? Is it as good as the manga? Did Raito's inner thought was well reflected in the anime, unlike the movie? I was planning to buy a copy since it is cheap here and I am lazy to download.

    the only difference is the ending, the ending wasn't

    as pity

    as the manga ending, I kinda like the anime ending more but..

    why misa have to dieeee =_= damn the creator!


  6. this brings back memories in my Nintendo Power days, I always saw the nintendo 64 a dozens of time or least appeared in the magazines for a while, this spread out other gaming mags I play. So I finally knew what all the commotion is about, yes I'm late. Well I can tell you one thing, nintendo seem to brought some of the DD ideas and concepts onto the Wii such as the Mii system(avatar customization).



  7. portal, it was so epic I just can't describe in words. The awesome humor (could perhaps be the funniest game I've played), the addictive puzzle, the credits, everything was just <3 It was the only thing I <3 the most in orange box. Goddamn I still play it trying to finish all the advance levels. Fuuck it, Portal alone worth the price of the orange box. YOu can't miss it, it's just too good.


    finished it in one day, around 4 hours I believe. mmmmm delicious cake.

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