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  1. well, not trying to criticize him or anything but I feel like his reviews are rather harsh or least not giving the game a fair score. Take for example, He reviewed Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii and gave it a 8.9. I mean the heck with that score. I played and beaten Zelda and it's one of the best zelda out there, maybe not as good as OOT but it's definitely up there with MM. And yes, I get the it's "everyone's opinion" but still can't believe he underscored this game to represent gamespot's score. What gamespot, IGN or anyone else should do is have 3 or more people to review one game, kinda like 1up (EGM).


    So quite frankly I'm not so sure if I should side with him on this one, but I still feel bad a veteran employee would get fired for something like this. Yes it's harsh criticism but it's still his opinion, and he happened to get fired for stating his honest opinion(I hope).


    rofl most epic funniest tekken sheit ever, teared that sheit up with "lowest" tier chars is just too epic. I'm sorry but this is a must watch. Just so you know these matches are straight from the recent released of evolution 2007 west finals. The Kuma/Panda player you see right there is Darnell "Grimy Grizzly" Griffin. It's arguably the biggest upset ever in tekken history because Griffin made it to the grand finals and came close but lost (lets not forget he's using the lowest tier characters of all in the entire roster). Griffin really inspired me to pick up kuma/panda myself just because they are fun to play with. Of course you can tell Griffin was having mad fun.

    grand finals set1:

    grand finals set2:

  3. if they even think about going 3D, I'll be RAWR because I know it would suck(obviously the sf ex sequel or something), I mean if anyone remember Capcom All Star, you should know what to expect. Even if it turns out as a 3D fighter like tekken for example, it still going to suck no matter what. But 2.5d? a mix of 3d and 2d.. no.. just no. What Capcom need to focus on is play it safe and stick with 2d. The 4th street fighter era should be the same as the previous eras (street fighter 2 series = 2d, street fighter 3 series = 2d again with anime like fluid) with new flavor or elements.

  4. I already beat it once (started on hard), and man really get my ass handed many times, but I finished it and I'm happy I got my achievement points =P other than that, the credits music was so unexpected, a rap song dedicated to this game/modern warfare D:

  5. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/28286.html


    god I hope they don't fcuk up on this one =/ yes the second one was kinda bland and mediocre but by now, Eidos should learn from their mistake and just create a true sequel or a new deus ex game with alot of good core mechanics from the first Deus Ex incorporate with new features and elements that won't dissapoint. Story mode can be a little more interesting this time, I was hooked on the whole illumanati and the Majestic-12 research thing. I don't remember anything from the second (sadly i dont, cept til the finale).

  6. http://pc.ign.com/articles/834/834614p1.html


    GOD SOMEONE, I NEED DX 10 CARD NAAAAAO. Crysis is my most anticipated game of .. i don't know how many years but seriously. I just need to play this badly =/

    bottom line:

    IGN Ratings for Crysis (PC)

    out of 10

    9.0 Presentation

    The story works and cutscenes aren't campy though the ending hurts us. Being able to tweak graphics settings in game is great. Easy menu system. Needs option for Korean chatter in all difficulties.


    10 Graphics

    The best looking game even in DX9 at merely high settings. So good they elevate the rest of the game. If you've got two 8800s running very high settings at 1920x1200 you're in for a treat.


    9.0 Sound

    Weapons sounds are very satisfying. Voice work is good. The suit sounds are small, but perfect. English speaking Koreans can dampen the immersion.


    9.0 GameplayWell paced with good freedom in the action and level design while still offering a direciton.


    9.0 Lasting Appeal

    A single player that will have you coming back for a second go and multiplayer that offers plenty of punch if you're willing to learn.



    9.4 Outstanding

  7. Rather you used to own an Atari2600, or a 3DO, write how it disappeared off your hand and how do you feel about it, any regrets?


    here's mine:


    Game boy original - *sigh* can't remember how it's gone, but i miss the days of playing those set of games in one (50 in 1, 200 in one, etc).

    Game boy pocket - gave it to a friend since I rarely play it or havent touch it in years.

    Nintendo 64 - traded to eb games for a gamecube (yeah i was stupid back then)

    Playstation One - solded to eb games I think

    Nintendo DS phat - solded to a professor at a university, since it was very high demand when it was launched for about $170 included mario 64 ds.

    Neo Geo Pocket Color - stupidiest mistake i made in school, bought it for 40 dollers including metal slug off a friend but later traded to another friend in Uni because I needed a damn graphing calculator (those things aren't cheap).


    the only biggest regret is NGPC, I missed having it. That time, I didn't know about SNK vs Capcom card fighters but oh well.

  8. Thats my Alias. I dont run by "GoRDoOnE" anymore.


    In fact, would any of the nice Admins/Owners like to change my Nickname to "Don illMatiX"??



    however, your log in name will still be "GoRDoOnE" as well as the same password you've been using, but your display name will show up as "Don illMatiX" instead.

  9. Man, that is just NASTY!


    I don't understand how no one actually saw the BIG picture.


    At least let the kids go in through Pikachu's hip or something ... but the crotch? Someone had a sick fantasy.

    it's japan. I thought it was nothing compare to Hard Gay:


    http://outpostnine.com/Az/313334.jpg (yes even kid's parents encourage their kids to play with Hard Gay.


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