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  1. wow, it's almost like getting a free game buying the 80gb model. Think this is the perfect oppurtunity to get a PS3, I've been arguing myself how I won't be getting one til the price drops very low but sometime I can't wait. MGS4 should (it better) be a long awesome experience that warrant 500 big ones not to mentioned there's tax (gah).

  2. it's a really close call between Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3rd Strike, although I would like to choose both if possible. Speaking of Remix I only have two different remix of mvc2, the uh remix with some sf music, a matrix track, some other music and the rap remix (-.-)

  3. haha I am the very same one^^ use to be a mod for gs for a number of Years. than everyone started leaving and I also had a few other issues come into play( seriously stopped gaming for a while. maybe a year or two?) I tried going back to geoshock and was sad that Kath totally let it go. I tried to get in contact with him to maybe buy the rights but I never got the chance :blink:


    but hey crap happens and I found 1emulation around 2k5 and Ive trolled around ever since^^

    yeah, it's been a while. I also used to post over there (think it was rommy aka mr.rom on A@H clue me over there or something). I was quite active there during that stupid conflict between A@H ppl and GS (spamming each other bleh, was there to stop the whole mess since I was mod over at A@H). Yeah those were the days. but I swear i thought it was Tim (owner of A@H) who was responsible for the downfall of GS. I'm not even sure Kath was the one who decided to shutdown GS but I recalled GS was hosted on Tim's network or something.

  4. hey guys its been a while^^ stuck sick in bed and I was surfin the boards when it hit me to breakout my DC and mess around with a few games(saw a topic about hundred swords and really wanted to play) so I thought o check out the hub and see whats in there. I havent messed with DC in a while but I am having all kinds of issuesd getting in. it keeps saying "The requested address is not valid in its context" can anyone help me out? hopefully I didnt post this in the wrong forum again....thanks guys^^

    Omg, tell me your not the same Kenshinsama from old GeoShock? it's a shocking suprise to see you here. Tis sad to see GS gone but that used to be one of the better old emulation community out there compare to places like A@H.


    but back to the topic, I used to be the owner of ••€mü-Ñëtwø®k••, and run Emu Rom Hub. But due to Udgnet (UnderGround Net) got into the affairs with the FBI, I had to choice but to back out of DC++. But Emu-Net used to be a success, I was able to obtain up to 12 hubs in my network.

  5. Well since I had the game with me since yesterday late afternoon I finished the first case in one sitting and already started the second case. All I can say is, it was just awesome. Like the previous Gyakuten Saiban but without milking the same formula, Apollo Justice has some new tricks up it's sleeve and really suprise you with how the plot unfolds with insane twist and turns and with some new showcase of more 3d visual and animation cut scenes. I'm playing case 2 as we speak. I'll try to write up a small review once I'm finish with the whole game.

  6. I'm trying to vote both but until I get my second 360 I would have to say firmware flash. If I able to get my hand on a second 360, it would be xb live machine(unmodded) to play IdolM@ster and quite some other games (cod4, but no gaylo3 overrated poo). Besides I'm too busy with life that I don't find much time to play all my consoles let alone playing live on the 360. Let's not forget I have too many on both the wii and the 360 offline to keep me for a long long time.

  7. devia: have yet to watch the second one yet (I already saw the first, I assume last name follows right after the first movie).


    Oh and for my list, since I barely watch movies nowadays, I never turn down on Takashi Miike's work. Anyway, I was consider reviewing the chakushin ari series but not sure yet.


    Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call - the japanese ver, not the amerikan remake)


    Chakushin Ari 2 (One Missed Call 2)


    Chakushin Ari Final (One Missed Call Final)


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