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  1. Score, I was wondering exactly how to do it.  Do you need a boot disk to run the burnt games?  Or what, what are my options :).  Also if you guys know any links for dc isos i'd like some of them too (lookin for any capcom vs game) TY!

    Well all the US games that are converted to ISO does not require a bootdisc thus they are bootable after its burned !! IF you were to burn import ISO such as " GodZilla Generation " then you needed it !! btw: if you need the bootdisc(the same way you burn done to an ISO > Disc ), just PM me and I send it via Messenger or email perhaps:happy:

  2. What happens if i click that site the one on your sig?:)

    Well first of all...you cant click it which i think GameCop disable web links...but try c/p this onto the new window and see for yourself...but be warned !! As i told..you will be sorry:happy: ;)

  3. Mario Sunshine superior among the best adventure game for now..and most ppl does'nt approve this as some kiddie game..in fact, its very addictive to all mario fans..and i figured that nintendo diabolical plan to toy with the fragile emotions of millions of gamers. if they really wanted to, they could just release tons of incredibly medicore gamers all year long hehe. Instead, they cruely decided to spend lots of time crafting this thrilling blockbuster hit that everyone loves:shocked:

  4. The multi-arcade emulator(DOS) has been updated today..Here's the following changes:


    - This is a WIP release that is mostly to test once and for all whether or not the XP crashing is a sound related issue or not. SOUND-ON in the INI file now completly disables sound. I have also compiled this to be pentium code to see if that improves the number of smiles Mimic creates. There maybe a few other partially done things in there like better YM2612 support.

    This is also the 20th release!



    - I may go quiet again here for a while as I have something brewing. Rest assured you will be happy. Gerrie(Xega) has been kind enough to offer documentation for the Mega32X and MegaCD. He also offered source but I refused because, as you know, Mimic is 100% my own code and will remain that way. Just call me a sadist :) Anyway I can't wait to get my hands on those docs. (drool)



    - I also won an auction on a MegaCD today!!!! How cool is all that!!


    Download it from here: http://mimic.arcadeheaven.com/

  5. Mee the qualification before burning an ISO-


    1. Burning options may be different varies its nero version..so the update version might work..I use nero ver Nero

    2. ISO should work according to the model: DC manufactured BEFORE november 2000.



    The following program you need is " WinRAR (extraction program) and the burning software "Nero Burning". '


    Most ISO you download will mainly on ".rar format" (but if ISO is on ".cdi" format then i will give you a converter)


    First of all, unpack the ISO using WinRAR, once its extracted, you will get a bigger file with the format ".nrg "(aka image file).


    Once you did that !! Click the image(.nrg), it should direct you to the burning process option or you could just open nero..File..."burn image". Now after your on the Burning option menu..


    A option screen comes up with 3 tabs:


    -The first tab shows the tracks (usually 2 tracks, 1 mb audio track and an iso9660 Mode2/XA track).


    -The second tab (Misc), nothing display whem i view it.


    -The third tab (Burn) shows a couple of actions (leave them all checked).


    Go to " tap " 3 and you should see the option " Write Speed ", now you can set the amount of speed you like, but i recommend " 4" for safety (most ISO can be burned at a maximum amount of speed but not oftenly accurate). Once you done that..


    The option Write method must "Disc-At-Once" (other options may or may not..but is best if you follow what i told !! )..


    Now you can chose the amount of copies you would like to burn;) (small suggestion..burn extra for a friend or secondary backup but its unneccessary )


    Then click " BURN ":D once


    Once the burning is complete " WHA LA !! " instint DC games:D


    and.............................enjoy :) ~

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