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  1. "This is a video taken in 6000 feet of water.

    An undersea robot is sawing a 3mm wide slit

    (1/10th of an inch...remember that width) in a pipeline.

    Inside the pipeline is normal atmospheric pressure

    while the pressure outside is 2700PSI,

    or 1.3 tons per square inch.


    And then a crab walks by........ "


    when: http://www.dur.ac.uk/paul.clark/crabvspipe.mpg




    it sort of disturbing.. but is funny after you watch it serveral times..


    the size is 1.8 mb (just right click and download instead)


  2. No offence but I really hate people who cheat in online games.


    Especially those who totally ruined my love for PSO on the DC. SOBs  :D

    your not the only one.. I play it back in the past, around a year. at that time.. PSO isnt likely what i thought of " fun " especially.. the online gaming essemble the word of anti-social. Sure they may be cooperative and help out, but what it cares is the greediness and hogness not to mentioned carelessness. Although i may have play the game in friendly fire mode.. to screw them all.. and claim all their weapons and items.. not to mentioned.. legendary items / weapons. :wink:

  3. Click Here for download or more infos..


    Well, the CPS-2 emulator has been released with 2 new XOR :



    -Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting (USA 000412)


    -Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting (Japan 000412)!!!


    -Also updated the CPS2Mame emulator to include the new release, it also adds CPS2 sprite y offset emulation and addresses a couple of CPS1 naming issues and also adds the Shiriru raster and sprite lagg fixes too!

  4. :D  i thought you died or something SgtSarros......... :lol:  


    welcome back dude! we also have a direct connect hub and ftp now. if you want to check em out head over to the main page and click on "rom Genie" and you will see all the info. have fun AND FOR GOD SAKES, dont ever leave again. :)


    ps- oh, and i take personal offence to the crack you made about taking ideas from TINY timmy. :P  do you see a million popups or a HUGE A** banner taking up half the page? well...DO YOU???????? :D  :P


    First off, I can't die, no matter how much i try :lol:


    second, don't give the new administration any ideas..

    Dont worry.. GameCop and I agree.. there will be no i mean NO ads will place upon this site.. as promised :)

  5. I make an entry :shock:



    It's true, we've welcomed a new era [fast solo]

    It might very well be a miracle [fast solo]

    We might not ever be able to taste it again

    Remember it once more...


    The day I was born on this earth

    I was no doubt happy in a way...

    And at the same time no doubt sad

    I was crying, after all

    whOoa yeaah whOoa yeaah (slight pause) whoa whoa whoa (slight pause) yeeeah.

  6. For more info..Click Here


    2003-01-25: Stephane Humbert fixed some small things in yesterday's DECO16 update to make it compile in DOS. Bryan McPhail sent in a driver for Wizard Fire / Dark Seal 2 (works fully) and Rohga and Nitroball (not working because of protection).Aaron Giles wrote a driver for Crowns Golf.


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