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  1. im glad you like it. :D but, just to clear things up, onslaught is professor x's alter ego, not magneto's.  

    Whatever.... :)

    let me explain. professor x erased magneto's memory, as a result, professor x developed this alter ego. when it eventually took over, professor x ceased to exist, and all that was left was onslaught. its a common mistake, but dont feel bad, im a major comic book geek.

    Im not into comics nor the marvel series, Im only into their games, and Onslaught of course...is more of a Omega Magneto as i pictured :)

  2. I have used message boards before, its only the last 3 months i have owned my own pc really so i suppose im still a beginner in this world of the internet.

    I only just learned how to copy and paste 3 months ago lol!

    you see....its easy to use..best advice for you is, when entering a new message board with different control panels " Play with it around " til you get use to it :)

  3. 1) Insert your original in your CD-ROM.

    2) Open CDRWin (or any other image extractor) to make an iso image of the game on your harddisc. Click on 'Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors'

    3) Here are the settings which work for me (!):

    Disc Image/Cuesheet

    -File-Format: Automatic

    -Reading-Options: RAW,CD+G,CD-TEXT and MCN/USRC all UNchecked

    -Error Recovery: Ignore

    -Jitter Correction: Auto

    -Subcode Analyses: Fixed

    -Data-Speed: MAX

    -Read Retry Count: 10

    -Audio Speed: MAX

    -Subcode Threshold: 900

    -There are a lot of reports, that Raw reading also works, but I had problems with it enabled.

    4) Click on 'Start'


    Recording to Disc:


    1) Install Firburner

    2) Double click on the Cue File For The Game

    3) Right Click And select burn To CD

    Thats all there is record DAO, and you can try to burn it fast I burnt them at 2X Useing PNY Black Diamond CDR's :regurg:

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