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  1. Doesn't matter what Microsoft throws into it, I won't buy it or the current Xbox.

    IMO it sucks, very few games for it are worth paying for. I hate it's design too. And yes......I have played several titles for it.

    really, i had enough of xbox basing despite bad judgements from too many ppl. to be honest myself, the system sales has jump over the nintendo gamecube sale. but for sure the sale of the xbox has been lowered not to mentioned included exclusive offers such as a bundle. there also has been a big rise amount of good games especially ported to the xbox. dont forget games like Splinter Cell has been one of the sucessful ver aside from the future ver for the other platform and PC.

  2. Real quick though Magnis or anyone else if they know the answer to this question, do a lot if not most ps2, and xbox games not fit on cdr's? I mean the size of some of these great games must be huge? NO? Thanks in advance for all answers. :)

    Well, burning xb0x ISO into a CD-r is possible despite the majority of datas. But the entire content can fit in..with a little hacking..

    About hacking, American hackers will have capability to make turn xbox to play copied xbox games. X-Box(manufacturing, Microsoft, stores official...) still believe in one hoax in spite of the video one provided for the actors of this hacking.


    Anyway..view this video how the xbox can run on CD-R:



  3. MGS2 is what brings true gaming realism to its top tier, despite its realism and extreme great gaming, it attract all Action role playing fans out there.

    I of course one of em, and i couldnt enjoy more than it ever made, its igh great visual with high detailed graphic inspire how the ps2 can handle

    such great game.

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