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  1. im 13........yep......Lucky 13*being sarcastic*
  2. wow alot of people r on this topic!!! my kof2003 iz at 36% now 16 min. left!
  3. .o6 4 me......wait.....on 10th try it is 0
  4. Fantasy-Deminsion(it will look like a computer....in a way)- it will be lke this virtual reality machine......that puts u into Final Fantasy Worlds.....
  5. i herd capcom was gonna include The DarkStalkers to fit Guilty Gear's Rock-Gothic scene.....I really luv The DarkStalkers^_^
  6. kool cant wait! i hope they come out with a DECENT KOF game 4 the gba(better than KOF:NB and KOF 2:NB)
  7. i think Sony's gonna comeout with PSP before anyone else......
  8. http://www.thaigaming.com/download/tgdownl...ion=file&id=697 user name=amardu password=vk,kf6 ENJOY!
  9. search on Google or go to -Link removed Read board rules- sername=amardu password=vk,kf6 (I reccomend Golden Sun 1&2 and Mario&Luigi:Superstar Saga.....hey..but thats just me lol)
  10. no i unZIPPED them with winzipped and got all of the required files to play the game then i put THOSE files into the ROMS folder WHICH is IN the MAME folder
  11. Darkstalkers..........or Guilty Gear(even tho that wuz not listed. why couldnt have been Favorite Fighter?)
  12. yea when i try to run the game it wont come on it says i am missing some files for EX:.bin NOT FOUND .bin NOT FOUND .bin NOT FOUND you cannot run the games becuz required files are missing but i had put the required files in the Roms Folder......
  13. i put my rom(SVC CHAOS ) in the roms foldar and when i try to run it it wont work it says i dont have the required files and i do..........pleez...help me.
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