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  1. Hmmm, that's odd. I checked the location before my post, and I'm positive it was direct linked to their homepage.
  2. AGH!! You direct linked the image!! You're stealing bandwidth
  3. When I said "used as their own" I was trying to say that they wanted to use my creation and say that they made it. Then the admin said that anyone can freely do that all they want. Which site was this?
  4. Bah, I pulled it off on proboards and invisionboards with some members. Anyways, if you really need any of the threads then i'll print screen them for you.
  5. Capcom replied. SNK never did. Only one company has ever said they did not want mugen conversions of there characters and that was the company theat made Queen of Hearts. They only told creators not to create from that game. Thus they are not allowed at The Mugen Guild forum. The hell? I should really start reading those threads more thoroughly. Man, you never cease to prove your seniority and knowledge of the community TDS. Don't tell him I said this, but you should have loona's place.
  6. Now why is that name familiar? A tip, don't go to mugenguild and post right away if you have little knowledge of mugen, unless of course it's in the help section. And especially not MugenDev, I'm surprised you haven't been banned fomr there already if you were banned from MFG. I'm not sure if an IP ban would effect you if you're viewing the forum without logging in. It is readable by guest, so your IP shouldn't be readable unless you post as a guest.
  7. Think of it as a comparison. The sprite rippers have to rip from the game MvC2, which is extremely difficult and lengthy. And then they have to clean up the sprites, compile them, then program the character which is also lengthy. Then someone like this goes on a website downloads it, sticks it in a game, and takes full credit for it. Those who create the characters don't take credit for the sprite creation, but they do take credit for the ripping of the sprites and the programming. Don't assume all there is to a character is simple sprite ripping. It's much more than that. This has come up many times in the MUGEN community, and as I recall there was an e-mail sent to capcom that wasn't replied to. On a side note, I fuk'n hate angelfire. (forgot to change my avatar here)
  8. I thought she was just pissed off about what happened at MFG...
  9. MgBenz, Chloe's also at http://iris.atlanteans.net/index.php#4 But, there's nothing to do with mugen aloud there, except for sprites.
  10. I'd tell you to go to Cute Mugen if it still existed, but it doesn't. Anyways, I know Terry Brogard, Ash Crimson, and Malin or whatever are released. I'll tell you if I rediscover where I got them.
  11. Hey guess what, it didn't happen just messing with you sin
  12. So you can release Ihiryu, but can't update the MAS homepage... I just hope you finish Kairi. But Sephi looks like a lost cause by now, at least that's how I see it...
  13. Elque is indeed the devil, I haven't beaten him yet I don't think Sorry TDS, it's forcive habit to jump on stolen stuff. Maybe it's compulsive?
  14. I prefer not to use characters with stolen material, thank you.
  15. Already packaged? Why? Just download MUGEn and customize it yourself.
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