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  1. Where can i find a Emulator ( that works at least 90% sure ) for GameCube. And what about Roms?
  2. Does somebody play the EUDEMON game? It's great. Next month the new type will come out: Paladin!!! They can fly
  3. I don't have any problems with the game. This means that the problem is in the computer. No computer is the same. Every comp. has different hardwares.
  4. At the beginning of the game, you are been asked to set your clock. Just set the same time like in the real life ( your place ).
  5. okay. A game, Jet Force Gemini, is a RPG game. It has guns, health stat, Tribal stats, coins, floyd stats, 3 characters, a lot of planet, bosses...Try it.You see...
  6. My friend has a PSP. He says that you can play only games on him.
  7. I think that the best Playstation 1 game is Digimon 3.
  8. Dunno... ISN'T IT GREAT!!! Sora's hand is ( a think ) nine-tailed foxes hand.Every time Naruto releases his "red" chakra,Sora gets a flash in his head. Like in the 61 episode. You must see it...
  9. Gta is out for XBOX 360 and PS3. Too bad, i can't play it on PS2.
  10. Short & clear: I think that the PS2 has a better look than the 360.
  11. Powermax and MasterPhw : Zelda IS a RPG game. Prove? Wikipedia. This is a copy-paste text from wiki: A role-playing game (RPG; often roleplaying game) is a game in which the participants assume the roles of fictional characters and collaboratively create or follow stories.
  12. How to see which plugin am i using?
  13. I have a problem too. Game: Gemini Jet Force After the animation,the become white with flashing black lines.And it never stops. After i get killed, i get transformed to the last checkpoint, and the picture is back.But when i get to the same place,it makes the problem again. Can you solve it pls?
  14. it works!!!! I forgot to extract it Now it's working.
  15. I play CS too. I like de_train the most ( i hide under a train and kill everybody )
  16. If you have a account, plz post it. Mine is: UNaruto_rasengan
  17. i knew that is was out, but you pay 2.50 $ for it. I talked about when it will be free.
  18. the problem is: It doesn't work!!! At least on my computer.
  19. Digimon 3 looks nice on Play Station 1. Try it.
  20. my best game for NT64 is: Jet Force Gemini - the best game ever! Believe it!!!
  21. Well regarding to this post i decided to Tell you about this game.. Its an mmo with alot of players.... you can either be a mage or a warrior then you pick and fight.... The thing that makes this game excel to me is the system called "potency" Pot is the number that shows you how strong you are. You can increase you pot by having good equips, high * eudemons and so forth http://www.eudemonsonline.com wsp me at DrkWarriorEC if you decide to play You didn't say anything interesting about Eudemons: - You can choose in whick server would you like to play ( London,New York, Los Angeles ) - You can have 2 monsters as bodyguards called Eudemons.There are a lot of different kinds of Eudemons. - You can join a Legion, or simply crate one. A Legion is like a family who sticks together in a fight. - There are more thing, but i must say, there are a lot of games who are better than Eudemons. For me : Tales of Pirates. Try it.
  22. I don't know but you can try Project64.
  23. i knew that the GTA will come for Ps3 and ? ( i couldn't remember of XBOX ).
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