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  1. I have the original resident evil code veronica but when it loads to the sega blue title screen 2 seconds from that an it goes to the 4 option screen,memory card,sound etc.its filled with scratches
  2. i see what your saying.i burned alot of dreamcast selfboot games for myself but just this file isn't a complete image,i have 2 make a complete selfboot image but once i get it done then i will have everything known for burning. I live in nassau bahamas so a dreamcast game would not have a chance of being found & the simple 2 or 4 games that are left in old stores, there 30-50 dollars.no kidding NASSAU BAHAMAS IS A RIP-OFF COUNTRY
  3. is there someone who can help me out on this ?
  4. i open the Code Veronica rar archive file and everything was files none was zip or rar,and i unpack the files and they still was normal files,everything unpack in 1 simple extract.
  5. and this was written in the text file- WBS Warez Crew Presents : Resident Evil Code Veronica - 2 CDS - Self Booting - Discjuggler CDIs - 80 min WBS = ungod, optikal fade, pencapchew, rosshogg -the alliance
  6. but the files that were inside the code veronic nexus.rar wasn't zip just files.
  7. wbs-recv2.001 thats the name of the first file.the others count up to 026
  8. I downloaded a dreamcast game in the past called king of fighters 200&(something)and it was in pieces and i deleted it cuz i didn't know what 2 do with it,but i just downloaded resident evil code veronica by NEXUS and it has a nfo & 1-26 files and 1 txt. can this be made in a image? i have selfboot installed. i saw this question somewhere in this forum but i cant locate it.
  9. I got my answer from a dc dcemulation forum. If I understand you correctly... Your Dreamcast probably came with a 56K modem. If it says "Line" at the jack, it's a modem. If it says "LAN", it's probably a Broadband adapter. If you don't have a broadband adapter, you will need a dialup ISP. You can use Planetweb 3.0 and Broadband Passport to get online with a BbA as well as a 56K modem. Speed Devils is no longer online. You can get a list of the games that are currently online here: http://www.dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com A next ? i just see its says line.but i dont have dial-up,i use a always connected cable modem. can i still go online without needing a dial-up isp ? and your saying if i had lan ( broadband adaptor ) i could of just use my computer's cable modem ?
  10. I tried setting up my DreamCast to online play but couldn't get it to do so. I tried for a long time then i gave up but now i want 2 give it a next try.I live in Nassau Bahamas,I have a cable internet modem hooked up to my computer for my internet. I have a online game called Speed Devils,and a online web browser 3.0 cd an a broadband passport cd an a plug that came with my game,it is plug into the dreamcast side an when remove it shows a socket with the word ( EXTENSION ) writing above it.Is that the broadband adaptor there ? With all this information is it ok for me to get my dreamcast online ?
  11. thanks 4 the info u guys! i did those things and it was easy an it works. forgot about extra un-needed topics. sorry
  12. can any1 tell me were i could find dreamcast code breaker 198 please. i have dc code breaker 197 but i cant find any cheats for that version.
  13. your saying i cant use code breaker for my burned games?and i have utopia boot disk
  14. its a burn game,so it has nothing 2 do with that just maybe wrong version? the lady,who is she ?mighty pretty
  15. Codes made & tested for Code Breaker DC version 198 or higher! ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker DC! What does this means? Does code breaker work the same way as Dreamcast ? when i put in the disk after open lid option then it says invalid disk.
  16. thanks! See i was just asking if u could just download a cue sheet from a game and then burn it ! thanks
  17. I see alot of people downloaded cue files for games,its a simple small file but when read by software burners it shows it true form,like a torrent file,anyway is it easy just to download 1 then use a burner software that reads them,then burn it like any cdi,nrg or any other image formats ? and will it work like it as well ?
  18. I tried burning Dreamcast games with nero but it didn't work (came out good )but that was a while back but i havent tried in a long time.now i just use Discjuggler.Is there anyway i could switch nero format into Discjuggler ? or can i just use a image reading software like iso buster to look into the nero image and extract it then make it into a iso,or any other format to my liking. PS.I c Dead Peep owl
  19. Could someone please answer my questions !
  20. About the Ps2 USB port! What all is it used for ? Where can I find A Ps2 with complete image guide,like whats this section for what goes here and so on ? For playing back-ups and imports-which Ps2 version is better ?The old Or The new? And what model number ?THANKS
  21. i was just checking out some swap disk for the ps2 called swap magic and it does alot of stuff,see i dont mine the swap method but i guess if i could find a brand new modded ps2 yet at a low cost then i will buy it.in miami fl ps2 cost $160.00 and to get it with package bundles it will cost about $230.00 so to get a mod chip will cost crazy when i could use the money 2 get a bundled package and use a swap disk for my back-ups and import. U understand
  22. which ps2 version is the best to buy ? Is the Ps2 swap disk method the same as for the psx,like the ps-x-change disc ? I don't really want the mode-chip method so is it still good to get a boot-disk and will it work the same way as having a mod-chip install ?
  23. Does anyone know what emulators are running on a Ps2 console ? Is it better on the PS2 rather than the XBox ?
  24. I tried out the Pete's plugin and it works now with showing the images,i'm sorry for deleting vigilante 8,i deleted it without looking more into the problem,anyway thanks
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