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  1. i have a backup game called fighting force 2 an its a 1 session 1 track game but i tried it in my dc and it goes to the audio screen and i also tried it with my utopia boot disk and nothing happens.and megagames doesn't have a patch for it.can someone help me ?
  2. could it mess up the dreamcast,if it does-i'll press charges,lol
  3. my isp was down but now i'am back, i'll let the sonic problem rest for a while but the main problem is my dreamcast.back then i played alot of games and my dreamcast worked well on some cd-r's so i switch 2 the ones that work well for me wich is khypermedia.everytime i put it in the dreamcast it loads up well but now my dreamcast is not reading anything well,its my fault as a parent 2 let him slack-off and become so dumb what can i do ? is it his eyes (lens) or is it going thru its rebellious stage (gone bad).
  4. i have sonic 1 for the dc and i tried all the gameshark version codes and codebreaker codes with the dcrypt thing for codebreakers but no codes seem to work.
  5. megagames has the psx xploder cd,but i searched on google an came across a looks to be a higher version called blaze xploder cd,so i was wondering if this is right and does anyone have a ntsc 1,and it can be either version number.not the pal version.
  6. i have that emu,so what games can be played ?
  7. theres netplay,so i'am asking can the psx emu play games online ?
  8. does anyone know of any psx game onliners ?
  9. i had the kialla plugin thing but it didn't worked,maybe i did wrong config to it but anywho,if the netplay plugin works will it run as good as other emu's ?thanks ! see you at twin peaks Fire In The SKY
  10. is there any gba emulator out there what allows two players,or is there some way two people from the same house can play gba thru the pc ?
  11. i just installed Ipswitch WS_FTP Home an i was wondering is there some easy way i could connect or better instruction on how 2 connect ?my brother tried it an it was a success,he connected to his school computer but thats all he uses it for.is there some way i can be helped or is it the japanese saying it can't be helped.lol
  12. is there a new dc movie player or something that doesn't function like Gyplay with the load utopia then the GyPlay cd when it comes to a 2 disc movie ? i dont wanna load utopia then Gyplay with my cd1 movie then start over but with my cd2 movie this time.Point is- Is there any players that can take disc after disc ? is dc movie player as good and easy as it looks ? i would like 2 know more on it from users.http://www.dchomebrew.org/dcmovieplayer.shtml
  13. i want 2 play back-ups and emulators.
  14. i'am going 2 buy a ps2 today from miami florida,and i was wondering if anyone know any places not to far out of miami florida what can install a mod-chip in my Ps2 ? someone is going off today an i will ask them 2 do these stuff,thats why i'am not looking for someplace out of reach. if i dont get a place i will try and hope 2 find someone from my country who can install it an if that doesn't happen then i will be a first time mod-chip installer. a few questions 1.i was at consolesource.com looking at the ps2 matrix infinity mod-chip an they say its almost easy 2 install.looks that way but is it ok 4 a beginner to try an insatll it into the ps2 ? i really think i can do it.i have a glue gun,what else would i need ? 2.when buying the ps2 how can i find out what version it is before complete purchase?
  15. i tried loading it with utopia but it didnt work and i have a next game called jimmy white's cueball which is 1 session 1 track that also didn't work with utopia but i am dowloading a next release jimmy whites cueball.hopefully it works. can u give me the DC-IE an the Sonic Adventures NTSC please. whats the highest version for utopia?i see there is a version 2 downloadable.
  16. my dreamcast is a ntsc u model and i wanted 2 know if i can get sonic adventure pal to play on it? when i burn the image it shows a text file on the cd call (file id). i burned Blue stinger for the dreamcast thru discjuggler 4 which could take on nero images but it burned as a audio rather than putting the data on the disc also. any help with that?please
  17. i was reading megagames on how 2 patch dc stuff and i understand what there saying but i wanted 2 make sure by someone who uses there patches 2 tell me in easy terms on working with dc and patches. i have sonic adventure 1 pal but my dreamcast is not a pal system but i used it with utopia and nothing happened also use a 1 session 1 track disk and utopia still didnt play it.eg fighting force 2 and jimmy white's cueball but i'am doing a different version of jimmy white's cueball.hope it works
  18. my cousin went off the island for a week and left is router along with his laptop and me ever having my own pc can i do anything with my xbox thru these stuff ? i live in the bahamas and came across only 1 store modding xbox for $99.00 dollars.i was surpose 2 find out the mod-chips name to see what all it can do by reading across the internet,anyway i have 007 the right name used for the exploit trick but no memory card. do i need a memory card? if so will the exploit thing work as if my xbox had a mod-chip and is it easy do do? i like xbox and i have alot of paid for games,but its costing so much to have fun these days so sorry for all this writing but can anyone please help me out on my questions.
  19. i'm sure i burned (jimmy white's cueball) for the dreamcast good but it goes to the audio screen.its a 1 session 1 track and i used discjuggler 3.5. any solutions? also concerned about a game called Half-Life.it starts then says something about rom or something.
  20. i understand everything else.could i just make a image out of the game and add any other ip.bin from a next game? and thanks! now i know what to do with piece files.
  21. the games i burned that didn't work with discjuggler 4.10 but works with discjuggler 3.5 could i drag the files off the cd an make a image out of it again and burn it? if i can, were can i get a ip.bin file from because my games don't have any. a game with 1 session 1 track can that work?i'm talking about jimmy white's cueball.it has that and on the cd it has alot of audio files and a wince folder. i didn't wanted to make a new topic
  22. it loads well then it goes to the game menu but when i select a mode it freezes but the music comes an goes during the game freeze.
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