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  1. i just bought a dvd-burner by hp invent, so my brother decided 2 see if he could get his movie 2 play in his built in dvd car player but it won't play-an the thing is that its a selfmade dvd-r video disc so at first i thought it was a region thing but it think not,because when i place the disc in my burner it shows the converted dvd files on it-the same thing it shows when i convert 1 of my anime's like (NARUTO)-InuYasha 2 dvd format 2 watch on my home dvd player.i think his car player brand name is JVC. is there any1 with info or something i could go about helping him.thanks
  2. oh i forgot-what mod-chip do u use in your ps2 slim-line.
  3. hey man! your pretty damn great 2 help me out with high Q's given 2 me with a big reply.i thank u alot- i well send u some off my powerful good luck powers.
  4. here we go! 1.my xbox had a power surge problem an its not turning on anymore but i'am getting a next 1 and i was wondering if i could take my hdd an place it in the new 1-because i have alot of save games on it also my 2 xbox live accounts ? 2.i have a modchip xecuters 2.6 ce solderless and what do you think my chances are of getting a xbox above 1.1 but under a 1.6 version motherboard and a good dvd-rom drive like samsung. 3.Now 4 the Ps2-I have a brand new ps2 slimline what i got the other day and i was wondering could it take mod-chips an explain more of your answer-and what are the benefits of the slimline. 4.my brother has a dvd player in his car but it doesn't play that much dvd's i'am thinking because of the region,but he is thinking of getting a ps2 to fill in 4 the dvd player but i was telling him that it wouldn't make much of a difference unless he has a mod-chip installed 2 adjust the region problem right ? and if i'am right is there any way of working around this in terms of a dvd player or by a game system. Thank Yoooouuuuuuuu
  5. a quick ?. do mod-chip bios or whatever stop your dvd-rom drive from playing burn stuff. cuz back then my thompson use 2 read my burn maxell 650mb cd-rw audio disc an sometime burn video clip formated 2 dvd but now nothing.2 me i think its just the dvd-rom drive has warned out. anyway i ordered 4 a next xbox!
  6. well i'll just order a samsung dvd-rom drive from ebay.thanks a mondo
  7. well 2 be honest i just want a good dvd-rom drive,but if it also come with the right motherboard then i will place my xecuter 2.6 ce solderless in it.so that will be a brand new xbox with a good dvd-rom drive an modified.sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet thompson sucks-lol
  8. i wanted 2 know if my xecuter 2.6 ce with solderless adapter could be used on the newest xbox system- 1.6 or 1.6b latest? i have a thompson dvd-rom drive and i wanted 2 know if i buy a new xbox and it came with a better dvd-rom drive can i just switch it with my other xbox dvd-rom drive? meaning if my xecuter chip won't work on the latest xbox.
  9. i have xecuter2.6 ce solderless with adapter
  10. i notice that my burn cd-rw's wasn't working because my thompson dvd-rom got worn out because back then i could play burn songs but its only reading originals so i order a samsung dvd-rom drive off of ebay so i'am waiting on it,but anyway my ? is- whats so good about ftp and xbox? i tried working with just ftp on my pc way back then but just won't connect,so i gave up.maybe my settings who knows.
  11. thanks a mill no a zill naaay a trill.laughing now i will read up on your post, and if u know any websites or tut that can give me more instruction holLa.lol
  12. thanks on the evox info. i know about the flashing part. but i was saying that i flashed both my banks with a old xecuter bios and its working, but i was wondering if i need a programmer 2 flash it back to it's default bios then update it with the newest xecuter bios? i want new bios- right now i have old bios version.
  13. more info given 2 solve my ?. i'am thinking hdd would be the hard drive wich has my save games an everything else,so if i'am running evolutionx as a dash i can access my E:\ or F:\ on the hdd? and 4 the bios-if i download the bios it comes with the ini,and i'am surpose 2 open it up and ajust the settings right. (enable/disable) and if i 'am running evolutionx as my dash i can reflash my chip with the latest updated bios.cuz its flashed on both banks with 1mb bios wich is old.
  14. were is the E:\ or F:\ ? and were do i find the ini ?
  15. both banks are flashed.i use the resize bio thing at teamxecuter.com and made a 1mb total bio an then flashed it but what i was asking can i update my old bios or do i need 2 buy a programmer ? cuz i can't go 2 the default bios screen an flash over. and 1 more thing-i went on teamxecuter website and read up on the bios feature an so on an notice theres things that can be enable/disable an other stuff but i don't see any of those features.
  16. whats the best dvd-rom to get for my xbox?and what version? i'am buying it off of ebay. i have a 1.0 xbox with a thompson dvd-rom drive an a x2 mod-chip installed. i ask this ? cuz i think there might be dvd-rom versions out there. my thompson stop reading my burn maxell audio cd-rw's and for it 2 work better with my original games and 4 halo2-failed 2 load map,i had to flip my xbox on its side and it worked better 4 a while then the next best method was 2 take the dvd-rom drive out and flip it on its side or upside down.it helps out alot.laughing i'am asking this instead of posting it somewhere else or so on- both my x2.6 banks are in use with a 1mb flash but i didn't wanted it 2 be like that cuz i didn't know what iwas doing anyway is there some way i can update my bios or do i need a programmer/
  17. sorry homez but i have no dvd-rom or burner in my pc only a lite-on cd-rw drive.
  18. well i only have maxell 4x 650mb,verbatim 4x 700mb, and hp invent 4x-12x 700mb all cd-rw. also what about my software q's
  19. i hope this dosn't break forum rules but if so-let me know an i will edit. i have slayers iso auto installer on my pc and i think its ready 2 be burned 4 the xbox-but everytime i burn it it still dosn't work 4 my xbox- alcohol 120% and discjuggler 3.5 with maxell 650 mb cd-rw media. any1 with these softwares and used it on xbox images whats your settings? my xbox version 1.0 stupid thompson dvd-rom drive.
  20. i wanted 2 know- 1.when about 2 erase a burned xbox cd-rw disc-do i have 2 full erase all the time?media Maxell. 2.is it ok 4 me 2 use discjuggler 3.5,because i used it for dreamcast iso games at mode 1,block 2352,raw,overburn an it worked perfect but try nero 6 and it was hell? 3.i have slayers auto installer 2.6 iso on my pc and it sames 2 be set-up right like the default xbe etc.so do i just burn it 2 test it out an if success, update the softwares and add roms then burn over again? i hope this doesn't go against the rules
  21. thanks! i just needed a second thought.now i will try my best on putting together a disk.
  22. well if its odd then i will see if i can get something 2 play on it.i know its booting the originals. do anybody else know about this or that is in the same situation? and is there any quick way i could see if its playing burn things? i tried burning a mp3 disc an still didnt work or maybe i burned it wrong. sorry 2 keep working on this topic but i'am pretty straight with everything else.
  23. see thats the thing right there that had me thinking i flash bad bios because it still says microsoft at the bottom of the X logo.i switch an checked it out on 2 different banks. i saw the xecuter website an i see how it should look but its still microsoft. if u can't help me on this part then i will order a programmer,but at least i know how 2 go about flashing so thanks 2 all of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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