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  1. thanks man! i will get 2 it right away 1 more thing-can i play burn whatever without having 2 install a dashboard rather than having my default dashboard ?
  2. no i have a v 1.0 or 1.1. yeah i think the flash took up both my banks. even when the chip is turned on thru both banks it still loads up normal.
  3. i use x2_4983.06_256k.bin (a founded bios) an combined it to 1mb with xecuter.com bios manager. now i flash it at bank one- http and it restarted just the same MS and also i restarted it at bank 2 it still loaded up in the MS screen not the flash bios screen i think the bios i downloaded was tampered with.
  4. welcome- ok! i read some no most of the tut and it was helpful but some i still highly don't get so think 4 a second an say u think someone whoes a major noob what know this.but i'am in the middle stage of NooB-Hood xecuter 2.6ce solderless with adapter heres what i'am asking- 1.when i flash the bios and it turns off by itself an when i turn it on what should i exspect 2 c ? 2.lets say i flash the bios,when the chip is enable all i see is the xecuter stuff so how does it load your disk ? 3.do i need a dashboard install in order 2 read burn disk like emulators,games,applications etc.
  5. i have quixx-but whats the main file needed 2 creat a iso from extracted files
  6. my solderless executer 2.6 ce is installed and i run it thru the website's step and everything is working like said. now i have the chip what 2 do?it came with bank 1-3.0.1 bios switch an a bank 2-3.0.3 bios switch is there anything else that i have 2 do-in order 2 start playing emulators on my xbox.
  7. i got the PJ64-X but its not a iso image.how do i go about putting this on a cd an playing it in my xbox-and what about other emulator methods?
  8. i'am sorry about my antz size brain-i just didn't connect the dvd an hard drive good.so everything is working my mod an xbox.
  9. with the dvd-rom and hard-drive being disconnected it loaded the dash board (xbox logo)when the mod was switch 2 off and when i restart it with the switch set 2 on it loaded the bios screen saying Flashbios 3.0.1 enable network flashing load bios from hdd load bios from cd unlock hd lock hd
  10. i install the chip and its working like on the website says but a problem on loading up with everything [dvd-rom and hard-drive] being connected it flashes 2 on then off an on the third time it loads but theres nothing loading on the screen -i install it with the hard-drive still connected to the small wire but not with the long grey like cable.please tell me that my xbox is still working. i'am staying here and waiting 4 a reply,so if there any info u need let me know.
  11. i place the chip in on top of the filled iron an it lit up blue but looks like the d0 point is also filled what 2 do about this? and the mod-chip has 3 plug joints- one i connected to the switch and there r 2 more a white an a red-do anything go in theme.i filled the red an white joint 1 side of the wire but the next end has no connecter just a end cut wire.
  12. some1 also said i can use the wire harness that comes with it? what method is better? how do u install the wire harness? and is it hard?
  13. i have a version 1.0 or 1.1 XBox with the holes filled an so i was wondering how could my Xecuter 2.6 CE (SOLDERLESS!!) and the XAPTER SOLDERLESS ADAPTER work on my Xbox.do u just line it up on top of it? i have alot more ?s,but i will get it all written down in 1 post.i'll do it later.Thanks every1.
  14. i have a Thompson dvd drive and playing halo2 gives me fail 2 load map problems,so i was thinking if i copy my original halo2 to my xbox and boot it from there without the original will it prevent the fail 2 load map problem?
  15. thanks alot everybody.i will purchase and install the chip.
  16. well my xbox is open-its a version 1.1 or 1.2 for sure. with your mod-chip installed do u play everything from burn games an emulators etc.
  17. ok i am at they website now and i have notice the prices 4 the premodded systems but dont have the cash,but is it ok for me just to order this Xecuter 2.6 CE (SOLDERLESS!!) [lite-solderl] and install it on my own.i think i could manage with wires given the right instructions.
  18. i wanted to know if any1 know a few well talked about stores that installs mod-chips into the XBox?
  19. thanks for your help guys.i will buy it.
  20. well he said its fixed an ready to put in the xbox
  21. i have a thompson hard-drive and halo2 with the fail 2 load map problem an other games like def jam-etc that freezes up.
  22. Sorry about the long speach but i wanted to get this hard drive from ebay and i wanted to know if something like this could play copied or burn games? Key features Fully modified to work with any Xbox Performed by experienced electronics techinician Simply the best drive for Xbox Plug-n-Play No modchip required No Y-splitter cable required Volume knob and audio jack removed for better fit Custom pin header installed for your Xbox yellow cable Used high graded materials for wiring and soldering Eliminates common "DIRTY DISK ERROR" Reads 4X faster than any stock drives Reads orignal games (Xbox brand) Reads CD-ROM -- CD-R/-RW Reads DVD-ROM -- DVD-R/-RW Step by step Modification Tested in PC for readability and full functionality before proceeding to the modification process Flashed with appropriate firmware so drive can read Xbox games Front motor reversed to correct polarity Volume knob and audio jack removed for better fit Xbox Custom 12-Pin header installed to receive Xbox yellow power cable Custom 12-pin header joins are sealed with silicone for better protection Wire soldering and rerouting are all DONE so drive will work with Xbox Tested in Xbox Console for full functionality Tested in Xbox Console with actual game play Sealed and wrapped with bubble liner ready for shipping ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is manufacturer general product description of this DVD drive before modification Samsung 16x DVD-ROM Drive Add access to a variety of media to any computer system with this Samsung SD-616 DVD-ROM drive. The SD-616 features a 16x read speed for DVD media and a 48x read speed for CD media! The slick beige bezel is sure to compliment any beige computer case. General Features - Beige bezel - 16x maximum read speed (DVD) - 48x maximum read speed (CD) - 110 ms average access time (DVD) - 90 ms average access time (CD) - 512 KB buffer - E-IDE/ATAPI interface - Motorized tray - Horizontal or vertical mount Front Panel Features - Headphone jack - Volume control dial - Eject/Load button - LED activity indicator - Emergency eject hole Rear Panel Features - 2-pin digital out connector - 4-pin analog out connector - IDE interface connection - 4-pin power connector - Mode select jumper Supported Disc Formats - DVD-ROM - DVD-R - DVD-VIEDO - CD-ROM - CD-R - CD-RW - CD-DA - CD-ROM/XA - VIDEO-CD - CD-I/FMV - Photo CD - CD-Extra - Mixed CD - CD Text ---------------------Thank You
  23. does anyone know of any stores right in miami florida that sells mod-chip so that i can go there an purchase 1 ? i plan to install the mod chip myself if i can't find anyone back home in my country the bahamas to do so. so whats the best close to being almost easy to install mod-chip to purchase.
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