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  1. Got some really active members... An awards system is now on and I am going to get a banner soon Lot of updates so please join soon
  2. Yes...In my site that rank does have 1000 posts.. OMG...Do you mean only a forum master can post here??
  3. Well... I dont have roms now.. I removed it so there's nothing to worry about it now
  4. Thanks dude... I am doing my best to make the forum good... Well I am sure I can give you a staff spot there.... If you can be active there...
  5. Well ... I think its finally time to show every one my new site.Well generally this site deals with emulation and console discussion.Register here and enjoy threads showing the emulation and th EMULATORS of NDS,GBA,PC ... Also in the site is lots of Latest PC games,Latest PC softwares,ROMS and much much more I have put up and chatbox,gallery,RPG game(Coming soon) for members entertainemt Join US and help us spread the word about Gamers Ring Well all I need now is a good banner and we are all set ...TO OPEN OFFICIALLY ..!!!! Link:-Gamers Ring
  6. Well pokemon diamond works pretty well for me in No$gba 2.6a ... You might wanna check this thread out first
  7. Well remember to reset the cartridge every time you change the save type or else it wont work . Might want to check this thread for more help
  8. Happy birthday bambi ..Cause I missed telling it to you on that day ..
  9. Yes no$Gba is the best emulator for the NDS so far...So I suggest you use that
  10. No problem dude..If you have any problems then just post it here or message me
  11. Why not try NO$GBA ...It works much better than the crappy old DSemu
  12. I cant really help out on every thing ..But as far as I know 6)According to me Windows XP is much more better if youa are just started getting the use of your new comp.Its much less complicated and efficient enough for daily use ..But if you do know much about comp or if you are a frequent user then I suggest vista for yo 7)As for the RAM...2 GB is a hell of a lot RAM for just starting out...You can upgrade the computer later if you want but I suggest you dont put a ram higher then this cause it can cost you less...
  13. Do you have the save type to FLASH 256 K bytes.
  14. Yup you just need to reset the game every time you change the settings or else they wont work
  15. I just bought a Crysis for the PC and going to get Call of Duty 4 too..That's all I can say...And I am satisfied with the results
  16. ^Is exactly right...I dont know how it doesn't work???
  17. I haven't been here long enough to comment on it ....But I dont think its DEAD ....It's only a bit a lifeless
  18. Wow..Cool I do have a Xfire client..I may consider downloading this
  19. Ya I think 5 years are enough for him to be in confinement to learn his mistake
  20. Ya I think it is a little over the limit....But I dont think its rule violating
  21. Nope this part is optional .....But it does improve some sound problems @pinbot:-I am not sure ..I think the emulator version you downloaded was corrupt or something ....Try this suggestions
  22. Ok many people have been complaining about the non-working problems of the no$gba.So I am going to post steps that will help you fix these problems~ Emulation Instructions:- ~First of all download the no$gba emulator ~Now extract the contents into a new folder.NOTE:-This step is for all those who have a emulator in a zip file.Others copy and paste the emulator into a new folder ~Now download the roms and unzip them into the same folder as the emulator ~Now open NO$GBA.exe and choose the rom you want to play and click ok ~AN IMPORTANT STEP:- You may get a message saying "Failed to read data".Follow the instructions below:- *Go to options=====>Emulation setup=====>NDS Backup Media *Now choose the appropriate save type.Usually EEPROM 64KBytes works *Now go to options and Click on save settings.IMPORTANT STEP *Now reset the cartridge.IMPORTANT STEP After this your roms should work fine ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Speeding the emulator:- If your emulator is running rather slow try these tips:- -Go to options====>Emulation Setup and in the box "Emulation Speed" choose "Unlimited MHz, Disaster 10%". -Go to options====>Emulation Setup and in the box "Sound Output" choose "Digital mono" -In the same tab go to Sound desired sample Rate and select "Low(10 kHz)Fast" -In the same tab go to Multiboot Normal/Burst Delays and select Fast/Fast(best) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any problems then discuss it in this thread
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