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  1. I tried that... In all ways... My save settings are set saved in stone.... When I change them.. I save again.. I think. o.o Let me try it again... I'll edit the post if it works or not. [Edit] YEAH! <3 There you go people if you want the perfect settings for saving on Pokemon Ranger ^.~ It's true... All you got to do is change your save type before you boot the game.. Sadly... Most games have a good 10 minute start up before you can even GET to a save point xD Thanks Agozer!
  2. Okay... On PLENTY of my games I have to save in game... I've tried different save types, Flash 512k, EEPROM 64k, and FRAM32k... None work... They all crash D: Well the screen dims and says.... Saving.. Do not turn off DS. Then it says Error Reinsert the ds card and try again. Or something like that. Gah! It doesn't like me! Also.. I have the latest no$gba o.o The game I am currently trying the hardest to save: Pokemon Ranger ... Followed by Lifesigns ... and following that would be megaman ZX.... Megaman saves in game but when I go to load it.. It's not there >> And lifesigns just says.
  3. Okay.. I just got this nullDC thing... I use to use Chankast but it failed for me.. Like it wouldn't be able to boot my game.. But I didn't understand that in the first place anyways... BUT! My point is in all this. I would like a working DC emulator that will run either Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2... As well as possible... Mostly cause I like the Chaos n.n They ish adorable. Alright.. Like I was saying.. I -can- get a Sonic Adventure (1 or 2) copy if I want one.. I just don't understand nullDC ;~; I mean.. When I open (I don't have a game yet cause I don't know where to put it. o.o)
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