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  1. Hi , it's been two years now . What is the status of Dolphin now ? Is it in the same class as nulldc for example ? For gamecube remake of RE
  2. I guess you don't have the requirements , but give version 1.6 a try and tell us what happens. Agozer , can you tell me a summary about emulation please ? How and with what software they make roms , how they make emulators and put them to work ? Where they begin from ? I appreciate some secrets too
  3. Hi , I 've not been here for a while , my new PC runs it perfectly with nulldc v 1.6. Try this version
  4. Yes , there hasn't been any public version 1.7, I visited their site and it siad donaters have access to it !! they have uploaded it , I think . There was also a beta version on mininova and some sharing websites , but i think I have an original , don't you think ?
  5. Hi everybody The new version is on the internet now , though the official website has not yet made it available to the public , anyone tested it ? Audio for Resident Evil 2 is better but it's not the way I want . Anyone played ?
  6. My computer is outdated , I have to buy a new one anyway , and I think I will buy a second hand Dreamcast. thx
  7. OK, I will buy a powerfull computer in a near future and try again , now I know what i need . thanks a lot Agozer and the other fellas .
  8. Graphic 64 MB RAM 256 CPU 1.7GHZ Direct x9.c , I borrowed Half blood prince and installed the Direct x What do you suggest ? should I convert the bin file to something else ? what file format ?
  9. Thanks for your advice , i made a .cdi image with bin2 boot and loaded it into nulldc , some processing happened , my mouse got hidden and then an error message was sent which siad it encountered a problem and needed to be closed , I think my low RAM is the problem , isn't it ? It' 256 MB
  10. OK , i downloaded bios and flash and renamed them, now nulldc comes up , but it wants one of .cdi .mds .nrg .gdr formats not the bin/cue, in options there is GDrom menu and in it there is : use default image or select default image ,and in file there is : open bin/elf load bin/elf . What should i do now ? It's step by step fellas , i'm awaiting further instructions
  11. OK , i' ve downloaded alcohol 120 and created a virtual drive and mounted the image , What should i do next ? please somebody help me. Should i put the bin file into the data file or do something else ? what is bios ? when i click nulldc_1.0.3_mmu or nulldc_1.0.3_nommu I get this message : Unable to find bios -- exiting G:\nullDC_103\data\dc_boot.bin
  12. I have downloaded RE code veronica from ****** , how can i play it in my pc ? it has a bin file and a cue file , I don't know anything about emulation , please explain step by step . I don't have a dreamcast console , and i'm a RE fan who jast want to play a game . i have downloaded nulldc , chankast_0.25 , bin2boot , and alot of things extracting , mounting image ,...from morning until now, it's not working . I think a FULL recipe from a pro chef would be nice for all OK , i' ve downloaded alcohol 120 and created a virtual drive and mounted the image , What should i do next ? please somebody help me.
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