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  1. sorry but that forum is just for imature kids.
  2. 1- http://www.muffindomain.com/index.php?page=anime.html love the forum and im always there visiting, they also have complete anime series uploaded with fast downloads like Shingetsutan tsukihime, gunslinger girl and some more good animes. 2- http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php It was useful to get some mp3 of games, i think only melty blood ost isnt there.
  3. I never got these 2 from cvs2 only cvs but i saw those chars and hope someone have them, if you have send it to me: sashiburidana@yahoo.com i will reward you somehow.
  4. please someone help me get these chars. and if you can give a tough link with chars that are very hard to find, please give me it, i'm begging you on knees, also want regina too, help friends, i would thank you a lot. its: mibu kyoshiro aya brea sailor mars sailor mercury send to me: otakuichise@msn.com THANKS ANYWAY!!! i got some today! it seems when we want something we must do it ourselves! only 4 left! sigh...but this 4 are impossible to get beacause the links are dead!! only those who got them before can give it to me!!dam !!!!
  5. where can i download a new selection screen? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehehehheeee! Well almost any decnet mugen website, but street mugen is the first that comes to mind, it doesn't have them all but it has a decent grip of selcetion screens. Ahhhh You have started your mugen journey, while many have already finished theirs(like me). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i have almost finished friend, i have put 58 stages,the most i like and a lot chars, i already have 110 chars(the best ones for now). i'm just trying to find mibu kyoshiro and himura kenshin.
  6. get Nvidia Ge Force 7 series, its the best for gamers. you will be hapy with it.
  7. i cant put more than 10!!!! i wanted 50 characters on select screen. how do i do it???? please help me.
  8. i got a beta link,is it good? it says no limit winmugen patch. is it good? do you know how to put that in full screen? do you know a good link for characters,cenarios and musics? please help me.
  9. thanks k,dash i like your avatar a lot.
  10. it always gives me errors like (cant change video resolution) isn't there a mugen made only for windows xp? is it possible to have a mugen emulator without being a dos version?
  11. hi people i hope to learn much more about emulation here.
  12. Do you know if i can play Ikaruga well on my current system? please tell me if im going to have any chance please. i would thank you a lot.
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