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  1. Fu, is there a web site That I can get these games from. I pick up death smiles and raiden IV last year at gamestop for cheap, great games I may add. Thank you if you could help me.
  2. The charges were previously dropped a couple of months ago, and reopened
  3. some of my favorites are: Silhouette Mirage Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Mega Man X Series Heart of Darkness
  4. If you guy are looking for something fresh and new you should check out: Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek(Reflection Eternal) Revolutions Per Minute Heltah Skeltah D.I.R.T Static Selectah 100 Proof Jay Electronica's Act I and II And if you guys check em out. Let me know what you think.
  5. If you just bought it( did you buy it new or used) If you bought it new it may not be able to play back ups.
  6. Me too. Usbloader gx with 500 gb hd with about 120 games. wife and daughter love it
  7. Killer Instict Puzzle Bobble 4 Raiden Fighters Series Contra Ring King
  8. Can someone pm me the link. Thank you
  9. So whats the game play like though?
  10. Me and the wife started the Metal Slug series. Reminds me of the Contra games sort of.
  11. Bloom Blox (good party game) Tiger Woods 10 (great with the Wii motion+)
  12. Lost my cd case with all my games in it this weekend Hotel found case and is shipping back(hope nothing missing). So I dusted of the old xbox and decided to start playing mariokart 64 with the wife.
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