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  1. I've noticed :

    I did an error* in the data files I posted in the preview page : bngbeadn & kof99nd m1 roms should be named respectively 259-m1.bin & 251-m1.bin instead of 259-m1d.bin & 251-m1d.bin.


    * I've updated CM & RC data files, posted 'em in the preview page to fix this stupid error.

  2. mslug5:268-p1n.bin (CRC 24ae2e4d)


    From witch romset come  this rom?


    I can't find it!


    Listen, man !


    Indeed, this P rom is P1 crc32 D99C035C (fully decrypted, bankswitching removed) whose HappyASR's tag was deleted.


    So, U 've just to open Ur P1 with an hex editor, roll until the end of the file & remove the tag in replacing it with 00...


    Now, tell me U don't get the same P rom crc32...

  3. In this case, the full list of the latest games released should be :



    jockygpd (decrypted C)



    vlinero (alternate set)



    kof2k1nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C)

    kof2001h (alternate set, AES version)

    kof2001b (bootleg)

    kf2k1pls (bootleg set 1)

    kf2k1pa (bootleg set 2)

    cthd2003 (bootleg)

    ct2k3sp (bootleg)



    mslug4nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C)

    ms4plus (bootleg)



    rotdnd (non encrypted P, decrypted C)



    kof2k2nd (unscrambled P, decrypted C)

    kof2002b (bootleg)

    kf2k2pls (bootleg set 1)

    kf2k2pa (bootleg set 2)

    kf2k4spe (bootleg)



    matrimnd (unscrambled P, decrypted C)

    matrimbl (bootleg)



    pnyaad (decrypted C)



    mslug5nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C)

    ms5plus (bootleg)


    svcchaos (PCB version)

    svchaosa (alternate set, MVS version)

    svcnd (non encrypted P, decrypted C, PCB version)

    svcboot (bootleg)

    svcplus (bootleg set 1)

    svcplusa (bootleg set 2)

    svcsplus (bootleg)



    samsh5nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C)

    samsho5h (alternate set, AES version)

    samsh5bl (bootleg)


    kof2003d (decrypted C, PCB version)

    kof2003a (alternate set, MVS version) *Px 're not released yet

    kof2k3nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C, PCB version)

    kof2003b (bootleg)

    kof2k3up (bootleg)

    kof2k4ex (bootleg)


    samsh5sp (AES version recalled)

    ss5spnd (non encrypted P, decrypted C, AES version recalled)




    *mslug5b (bootleg) is a fake & kf2k4spl (Special Edition Plus) is only a hack.

  4. This unofficial release of Kawa-X supports the following sets : svcnd, mslug4nd, matrimnd, samsh5nd, kof2k2nd, mslug5nd, pnyaan, ghostlop, rotdnd, kof2k3nd, ss5spnd & progear. kof2k3nd, svcnd & mslug4nd 512 K S1's 'R not added yet. rotdnd matches Kawaks 1.53 set, except the P1 rom.

    bngbeadn, androdun, kof99nd & kof2k1nd sets now match Kawaks 1.53 sets.

    * Removed games 'R just 6 glitched games + 1 CPS-2 game : neocup98 (Glitched), ridheroh (Glitched), ridhero (Glitched), ssideki2 (Glitched), ssideki3 (Glitched), ssideki4 (Glitched) & mpangj.



    Sets added in detail :



    ProGear (USA 010117)



    ghostlop (GhostLop [prototype])

    gl-p1.rom 1 Mb

    gl-m1.rom 128 Kb

    gl-s1.rom 128 Kb

    gl-c1.rom & gl-c2.rom 4 Mb / each rom

    gl-v1.rom 2 Mb



    mslug4nd (Metal Slug 4 [predecrypted])

    263-p1n.bin 1 Mb

    263-p2.bin 4 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

    263-m1d.bin 64 Kb

    ms4n_s1.rom 128 Kb

    ms4n_c1.rom to ms4n_c6.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    263-v1d.bin & 263-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    rotdnd (Rage of the Dragons [predecrypted])

    264-p1n.bin 4 Mb (crc32 3B0BC22B fixed by HappyASR : useless data removed, console mode enabled & some timing issues fixed)

    264-m1d.bin 64 Kb

    rodn_s1.rom 128 Kb

    rodn_c1.rom to rodn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    264-v1d.bin & 264-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    kof2k2nd (The King of Fighters 2002 [predecrypted])

    265-p1.bin 1 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

    265-p2n.bin 4 Mb

    265-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    kf2k2_s1.rom 128 Kb

    kf2k2_c1.rom to kf2k2_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    265-v1d.bin & 265-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    matrimnd (Shin Goketuji Ichizoku : Tokon Matrimelee [predecrypted])

    266-p1n.bin 1 Mb

    266-p2n.bin 4 Mb

    266-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    matrn_s1.rom 128 Kb

    matrn_c1.rom to matrn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    266-v1d.bin & 266-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    pnyaan (Pochi and Nyaa [predecrypted])

    267-p1.bin 1 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

    267-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    pnyaa_s1.rom 128 Kb

    pnyaa_c1.rom & pnyaa_c2.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    267-v1d.bin 4 Mb



    mslug5nd (Metal Slug 5 [predecrypted])

    268-p1n.bin 1 Mb

    268-p2n.bin 4 Mb

    268-m1d.bin 64 Kb

    ms5n_s1.rom 128 Kb

    ms5n_c1.rom to ms5n_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    268-v1d.bin & 268-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    svcnd (SNK vs. Capcom : SVC Chaos [predecrypted PCB version])

    269-p1n.bin 8Mb

    269-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    svcn_s1.rom 128 Kb

    svcn_c1.rom to svcn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    269-v1d.bin & 269-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    samsh5nd (Samurai Shodown V [predecrypted])

    270-p1n.bin 8Mb

    270-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    ss5n_s1.rom 128 Kb

    ss5n_c1.rom to ss5n_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    270-v1d.bin & 270-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



    kof2k3nd (The King of Fighters 2003 [predecrypted PCB version])

    271-p1n.bin 8 Mb

    271-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    kf2k3_s1.rom 128 Kb

    kf2k3_c1.rom to kf2k3_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    271-v1d.bin & 271-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom (V1d 16 Mb splitted into 2 segs)



    ss5spnd (Samurai Shodown V Special [predecrypted] indeed AES recalled)

    272-p1n.bin 8Mb

    272-m1d.bin 128 Kb

    ss5sp_s1.rom 128 Kb

    ss5sp_c1.rom to ss5sp_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

    272-v1d.bin & 272-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom


  5. So what happened to the link? I want to be able to play mslug5!! I've searched everywhere for kawax plus/se and can't find anything. Somebody want to help a fellow member out?.....please?



    Kawa-X has Winkawaks 1.46 core. It isn't open source & won't be updated... the project status's officially discontinued. The unofficial hacks like N3oghost's Kawa-X Plus, Kawa-Hex, Kawa-X SE etc 'R outdated : no update since the last year.


    Btw, the last hex edited version recently updated (11.20.04) supports the latest Neo*Geo decrypted C-Roms sets : www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10226&st=10


    The best emu stays FBA-XXX, it's constantly updated.

  6. can someone whip up a ips patch for us?


    for what? :blink:


    Mr. X already told you what to do if you want the game to run :P


    Yeah..it's beyond easy to do..basically...just rename the roms in progear to match the roms in mighty pang...then rename the progear zip file to mpangj..and that's it. It took me all of five minutes..


    btw Mr. X..I noticed that the sound effect of the coins/gems being leeched is missing..would that have to do with the two extra sims you have to rename in the progear file??


    To recover the missing sounds due to missing samples : in the xbe file, U 've to edit the size allocated for samples in mpangj roms detail, then add 2 roms like samples 5a & 5b in roms detail & type roms images names for 6a & 6b samples in the region where there 'r names of roms for cps1 & 2 games.

  7. Just rename progear set name archive as mpangj's one, then rename each progear rom image & xor as mpangj's ones.


    Or edit the xbe file to rename mpangj set name, roms images & add pga-sim.06a & 06b roms images support in accordance with progear set.

  8. pg1 is the name used for the alternate vers. P1 from MVS set.




    There 'R some other infos :


    aodk Aggressors of Dark Kombat / Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku



    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.






    alpham2 Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian



    ASO II - Last Guardian - / Alpha Mission II

    ©1991 SNK





    007-P1.BIN [5b266f47] 524,288

    007-P2.BIN [eb9c1044] 131,072

    007-S1.BIN [85ec9acf] 131,072

    007-M1.BIN [28dfe2cd] 131,072

    007-V1.BIN [cd5db931] 1,048,576

    007-V2.BIN [63e9b574] 1,048,576

    007-C1.BIN [8fba8ff3] 1,048,576

    007-C2.BIN [4dad2945] 1,048,576

    007-C3.BIN [68c2994e] 524,288

    007-C4.BIN [7d588349] 524,288



    Dumped 11/15/2000




    aof2 Art of Fighting 2 / Ryuuko no Ken 2 (set 1)





    This ROM contains an update to AOF2. It should be loaded over the first 512k

    of the 1meg P1 already used in MAME, all other ROM's are the same on the cart.


    Dumped by HPMAN


    (note, there is still a Korean m1 ROM from KOF98 I dumped not added to MAME

    as a seperate cone set, all other ROM's are the same.)




    bakatono Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki



    Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki

    ©1991 Monolith Corp.




    036-P1.BIN [1c66b6fa] 524,288

    036-S1.BIN [f3ef4485] 131,072

    036-M1.BIN [f1385b96] 131,072

    036-V1.BIN [1c335dce] 1,048,576

    036-V2.BIN [bbf79342] 1,048,576

    036-C1.BIN [fe7f1010] 1,048,576

    036-C2.BIN [bbf003f5] 1,048,576

    036-C3.BIN [9ac0708e] 1,048,576

    036-C4.BIN [f2577d22] 1,048,576



    Dumped 12/04/2000




    bangbead Bang Bead



    Bang Bead by Visco. on Neo Geo MVS


    Provided: 01/04/2002.




    flipshot Battle Flip Shot



    Title: Battle FlipShot!

    Genre: Air Hockey On Crack

    Size : 56 MegaBits Released On: April 3, 1999


    | |

    | Release Notes: Back again with yet another release! Battle Flipshot |

    | enjoyed limited release last year, overshadowed by SNK's |

    | bigger titles released in 1998. It's a tiny game but it's |

    | a great deal of fun. It borrows elements from a bunch of |

    | different games. You have rounds like any fighting game |

    | out there. To win a round you have to smash the 6 icons |

    | behind your opponents goal line by deflecting the ball |

    | into them, all the while protecting your own icons. It can |

    | hectic quick. For good measure, Visco threw in 2 vixens |

    | with big boobies. And when isnt big boobies a plus!?! |

    | |






    bjourney Blue's Journey / Raguy



    Here are the proms for Blue's Journey!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.






    breakers Breakers



    |:. Title: BREAKERS.

    |:::. Genre: Fighting.::

    |:::::. Size : 210 MegaBits Released On: January 31, 1999.::::




    breakrev Breakers Revenge


    |:. Title: Breakers Revenge `::::

    |:::. Genre: Fighting Madness `::

    |:::::. Size : 242 Megabits Released On: April 9, 1999 `



    marukodq Chibi Marukochan Deluxe Quiz



    Maruko Deluxe Quiz

    ©1995 SNK/TAKARA


    CPU : 68000 Z-80

    SOUND : YM2610




    MARU-C2.ROM ; |

    MARU-C3.ROM ; |

    MARU-C4.ROM ; /





    MARU-V2.ROM ; /





    eightman Eight Man




    Readme for Eightman MVS -- Ver 1.0



    After having gone through the correction of my first dump, I very confident that this dump

    is accurate. The MVS version of Eightman is very different from the MGD-2 copy.

    Only the S1 rom remains the same.

    It's possible that some of the roms were cut into two pieces for the MGD-2 dump, which would

    explain quite a few things. Also, I think some roms were dumped incorrectly for MGD-2,

    because the MVS set seems to fix a few graphical bugs in the game.




    Oct. 26, 2000




    fbfrenzy Football Frenzy



    Readme for Football Frenzy MVS -- Ver 1.0



    Well, this was really frustrating to dump. The actual dumping of the ROMs went fine,

    but I had a whole slew of problems testing the new set in MAME.

    In the end, they were all caused by errors in the ROM definition I wrote.

    The game plays fine now and as usual quite a few ROMs are different.


    Nov. 4, 2000




    goalx3 Goal! Goal! Goal!



    Here are the proms for Goal! Goal! Goal!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.




    janshin Jyanshin Densetsu - Quest of Jongmaster



    Janshin Densetsu (Quest of JongMaster)

    ©1994 SNK/AICOM


    CPU : 68000 Z-80

    SOUND : YM2610




    JANS-C2.ROM ; /








    kotm King of the Monsters (set 1)



    King of the Monsters MVS - Ver 1.0



    This game, like Eightman, is completely different (as far as the actual ROM files)

    from its MGD-II format, mostly because the MGD-II was apparently only able to copy

    512k at a time. Only the S1 rom remains the same.

    Of course, the V and C are probably the same, but since they were split up before,

    I didn't bother to compare them (I only compared the CRCs, which would obviously be different).


    Oct. 28, 2000




    kizuna Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle / Fu'un Super Tag Battle



    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | Kizuna Encounter!! |

    | Genre: Fighting. |

    | Size: 242 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 10-16-98 ]


    <---[ Release Notes: ]------------------------------------------------------------------>


    Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle! This is everything the original

    Savage Reign should have been. They added tag team mode ala Street

    Fighter VS Xmen, c00l combos, and some new characters! Rosa kicks

    ass! Why? She's a chic with a sword, she shows her belly button,

    and you can make her shirt explode. What more could ya ask for?



    <---[ Boss Code: ]---------------------------------------------------------------------->


    How to use the bosses!

    Rosa Gozu KageShishioh Chung Hayate

    Kim Mezu Gordon Joker Eagle

    1. At the team select screen, put the cursor on Mezu.

    2. Move left, up, right, you'll be on Gozu (Mezu->Kim->Rosa->Gozu)

    3. Circle the screen once counterclockwise, returning to Gozu.



    4. Press D, you'll hear Jyazu's laugh.

    5. Jyazu is above Gozu's panel, tap up to access him. (up again to

    return to Gozu) Same for ShinShishioh, above KageShishioh's panel.






    lastblad Last Blade / Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi, The (set 1)



    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | LAST BLADE!!!! |

    | Genre: Fighting, Silly |

    | Size: 474 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 09-26-98 ]






    lastbld2 Last Blade 2 / Bakumatsu Roman - Dai Ni Maku Gekka no Kenshi, The




    |:. Title: LAST BLADE 2 `::::

    |:::. Genre: YOU CANT BE SERIOUS `::

    |:::::. Size : 554 MegaBits `




    lresort Last Resort



    Last Resort

    ©1992 SNK



    lr_p1.rom 524,288

    lr_s1.rom 131,072

    lr_m1.rom 131,072

    lr_v1.rom 1,048,576

    lr_v2.rom 1,048,576

    lr_c1.rom 1,048,576

    lr_c2.rom 1,048,576

    lr_c3.rom 524,288

    lr_c4.rom 524,288



    Dumped 01/08/2000




    lbowling League Bowling



    League Bowling

    ©1990 SNK




    019-P1.BIN [a2de8445] 524,288

    019-S1.BIN [5fcdc0ed] 131,072

    019-M1.BIN [589d7f25] 131,072

    019-V11.BIN [0fb74872] 524,288

    019-V12.BIN [029faa57] 524,288

    019-V21.BIN [2efd5ada] 524,288

    019-C1.BIN [4ccdef18] 524,288

    019-C2.BIN [d4dd0802] 524,288



    Dumped 10/29/2000




    legendos Legend of Success Joe / Ashitano Joe Densetsu



    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | Legend of Success Joe! |

    | Genre: Boxing. |

    | Size: 46 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 10-03-98 ]




    maglord Magician Lord (set 1)



    Here are the proms for Magician Lord

    NOTE: These proms are for the arcade version



    Magician Lord


    Joystick - Control hero

    A button - Attack

    B button - Jump

    * - Hero can transform himself by

    combining fire, water, & wind elements

    C and D buttons - Not Used




    mslug2 Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II




    | METAL SLUG 2 !!! |

    | Genre: Sidescrolling Madness |

    | 362 Megabits |

    [ Released: 08-25-98 ]




    minasan Minnasanno Okagesamadesu



    Minasan no Okagesamadesu! - Dai Sugoroku Taikai -

    ©1990 Monolith Corp.




    027-P1.BIN [c8381327] 524,288

    027-S1.BIN [e5824baa] 131,072

    027-M1.BIN [add5a226] 131,072

    027-V11.BIN [59ad4459] 1,048,576

    027-V21.BIN [df5b4eeb] 1,048,576

    027-C1.BIN [d0086f94] 1,048,576

    027-C2.BIN [da61f5a6] 1,048,576

    027-C3.BIN [08df1228] 1,048,576

    027-C4.BIN [54e87696] 1,048,576



    Dumped 11/09/2000




    miexchng Money Puzzle Exchanger / Money Idol Exchanger



    Money Idol Exchanger

    ©1997 SNK/FACE


    CPU : 68000 Z-80

    SOUND : YM2610




    MIEX-C2.ROM ; |

    MIEX-C3.ROM ; |

    MIEX-C4.ROM ; /






    * I'm afraid the VOICE rom image is corrupted...










    |:. Title: Money Puzzle Exchanger `::::

    |:::. Genre: Puzzle `::

    |:::::. Size : ??? MegaBits `




    nam1975 NAM-1975



    Here are the proms for NAM-1975

    NOTE: These proms are for the arcade version









    Joystick - Control hero & cursor

    A button - Machine Gun

    B button - Special Weapon

    C button - Emergency control of hero

    * Combination of joystick & C button

    - Hero Runs

    * Hold joystick down and to the right

    or left with C button and hero

    escapes by scrolling

    D button - Not Used






    neodrift Neo Drift Out - New Technology



    Here are the proms for Neo Drift Out!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.




    neomrdo Neo Mr. Do!



    Neo Mr.Do!

    ©1997 SNK/VISCO


    CPU : 68000 Z-80

    SOUND : YM2610




    NEOMD-C2.ROM ; /








    overtop Over Top




    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | Over Top!! |

    | Genre: Racing! |

    | Size: 210 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 09-30-98 ]




    panicbom Panic Bomber



    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | Panic Bomber!! |

    | Genre: Puzzle. |

    | Size: 46Megabits |

    [ Released On: 10-09-98 ]




    pulstar Pulstar



    Here are the proms for Pulstar!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.







    puzzledp Puzzle De Pon!



    Here are the proms for Puzzle De Pon!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.




    puzzldpr Puzzle De Pon! R!



    Puzzle De Pon R (NEOGEO)

    By Visco 1997


    Dumped 1/19/1999





    joyjoy Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid



    Joy Joy Kid (MVS version)


    Dumped 01/20/99




    quizkof Quiz King of Fighters



    Quiz King of Fighters

    ©1994 SNK/SAURUS


    CPU : 68000 Z-80

    SOUND : YM2610




    QKOF-C2.ROM ; |

    QKOF-C3.ROM ; |

    QKOF-C4.ROM ; /





    QKOF-V2.ROM ; |

    QKOF-V3.ROM ; /




    ragnagrd Ragnagard / Shin-Oh-Ken



    OPERATION RAGNAGARD (Shin-Oh-Ken) © Saurus


    : Released : Sept 30th, 1998

    : Game Type : Fighting

    : Rel size : 338 Mbit




    This game was HARD TO FIND. Since its a rare game. The game itself is

    a AWESOME beat-em-up game so you won't be dissapointed by it. As usual

    when it comes to Beat-em-Up games, I haven't played it too much.







    rbff1 Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu



    Real Bout Garou Densetsu / Real Bout Fatal Fury

    ©1995 SNK





    095-P1.BIN [63b4d8ae] 1,048,576

    095-P2.BIN [cc15826e] 2,097,152

    095-S1.BIN [b6bf5e08] 131,072

    095-M1.BIN [653492a7] 131,072

    069-V1.BIN [2bdbd4db] 4,194,304

    069-V2.BIN [a698a487] 4,194,304

    095-V3.BIN [189d1c6c] 4,194,304

    069-C1.BIN [e302f93c] 4,194,304

    069-C2.BIN [1053a455] 4,194,304

    069-C3.BIN [1c0fde2f] 4,194,304

    069-C4.BIN [a25fc3d0] 4,194,304

    095-C5.BIN [8b9b65df] 4,194,304

    095-C6.BIN [3e164718] 4,194,304

    095-C7.BIN [ca605e12] 2,097,152

    095-C8.BIN [4e6beb6c] 2,097,152



    Dumped 11/13/2000




    rbff2 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers / Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 - the newcomers (set 1)







    | 539 Megabits |

    | Donated by: BLAZEMORE |

    [ Released: 09-04-98 ]


    Here it is, in all its glory. The 539 Megabit monstrosity known as Real Bout 2.

    This is the BIGGEST neogeo release so far, and we're happy to be the ones bringing it

    to you! As far as I can tell, it runs PERFECTLY with neorage. Incredible graphics,

    animation, and great gameplay make this one of the better neogeo fighters thus far.






    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | RB2 Sound Fix! |

    | |

    [ Released On: 01-28-99 ]


    This has to be one of the most requested sound fixes to date (except for the

    request for Kof 98 sound roms, which I don't have yet.)





    rbffspec Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special




    : Released : August 24th, 1998

    : Game Type : Fighting

    : Unpacked sz: 55Megs


    This is one of the most anticipated Fighting games. And it's in

    my opinion one of the best I've played.












    ridhero Riding Hero (set 1)




    Readme for Riding Hero MVS -- Tyris - Ver 3.0



    Finally someone attempts to finish redumping the Neo*Geo games that still exist only in MDG-2 format!


    Well, this is my first Neo*Geo dump (redump, actually). This is the MVS version of Riding Hero. I read and verified all the ROMs, they all appear good. This is a newer zip than was available before. Two fixes have been implemented: the v11 ROM was redumped again to match the old CRC (like it should), and the S1 was missing half. Anyhow, I hope this dump works for all you MAMEers out there! Sorry for all the confusion.


    Updates to neogeo.c for MVS dump







    roboarmy Robo Army (set 1)



    Robo Army (MVS version)


    Dumped 01/24/99





    samsho3 Samurai Shodown III / Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken (set 1)


    Samurai Showdown 3 © SNK


    Released : August 26th, 1998

    Game Type : Fighting

    Unpacked sz: 35Megs



    Samurai Showdown 3 is a helluva fightinggame. If you are in to

    fightinggames, you must play this one!


    This is the first time we try with using multiple packages when

    doing a release. Tell us what you think about it


    This is a 100% PERFECT release, so it wont need any additional fix:es.

    I think all of you can understand that we want to assure you 100% perfect

    dumps, so that's why you have to wait.






    spinmast Spin Master / Miracle Adventure



    [ NeoCharity Presents ]


    | 90 Megabits |

    [ Released: 08-30-1998 ]




    stakwin2 Stakes Winner 2




    |:. Title: Stakes Winner 2! `::::

    |:::. Genre: Horse Racing `::

    |:::::. Size : 178 MegaBits Released On: February 10, 1999 `



    | |

    | Release Notes: Here's one for all of you Off Track Betting junkies. |

    | Stakes Winner 2! It's almost twice as big as the original, |

    | so fans of the original will definitely have their fill! |

    | No signs of... stopping at all! He's gone mad with |

    | his trusty EMP-20 and dumped yet another GREAT title! HUGE |

    | thanks to him and... for donating the cart! |

    | |




    ssideki Super Sidekicks / Tokuten Ou



    Here are the proms for Super Sidekicks!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.





    ssideki2 Super Sidekicks 2 - The World Championship / Tokuten Ou 2 - real fight football






    This game is a fantastic football game.

    I haven't played it too much yet, but so

    far it's friggin good. I hope that you

    will like it.





    There are some graphics problem in this game

    using the current release of neoRAGE. I

    DON'T know if it works in any of those

    developer versions that the neoRAGE team has.




    kof94 The King of Fighters '94



    Here are the proms for King Of Fighters'94!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.





    kof96 The King of Fighters '96 (set 1)



    King Of Fighters '96

    Neo-Geo Arcade Cartidge

    -- Modified Version --


    Dumped 08/11/1998




    Description of MODIFICATION:



    Chip EP1 (KOF96m_ep1.rom) is not the orginial rom. All others are.

    and the other half of the modification is attached to

    P1 (KOF96_p1.rom). A 74LS04 is attached on P1 by its pin 8 to

    P1's pin 11 and pin 9 to P1's pin 1.


    This Modification makes Chizuru and Goenitz playable.







    kof97 The King of Fighters '97 (set 1)



    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | KING OF FIGHTERS 97!!! |

    | Genre: Fighting, Silly |

    | Size: 460 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 09-21-98 ]



    KING OF FIGHTERS 97. In all it's orochi maddening glory.

    Secret characters included, there are 35 characters in all.








    kof98 The King of Fighters '98 - The Slugfest / King of Fighters '98 - dream match never ends




    [ Neo Charity Presents ]

    | King Of Fighters '98 |

    | 639 Megabits |

    | January 14,1999 |



    There are Minor sprite problems Using these roms in NEORAGE Beta 1. They work OK in

    NEOGEM v.5. Sound ROMS are Not Included in this set due to the leaking of the "Pre-release"

    ROMs. Don't mail me about them. I just won't answer.






    Correan KOF98 Z80 driver 242-M1K chip. (No JPN voices)


    Did came from protected version of the program board.


    Dumped by...






    kof99 The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (set 1)



    The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle -

    ©1999 SNK




    32M Mask Ver.

    251-P1.BIN [006e4532]

    251-P2.BIN [90175f15]


    16M EP Ver.

    251-EP1.P1 [1e8d692d]

    251-EP2.P2 [d6206e5a]

    251-EP3.P3 [d58c3ef8]

    251-EP4.P4 [52de02ae]


    251-V1.BIN [ef2eecc8] (TC5332204AP)

    251-V2.BIN [73e211ca] |

    251-V3.BIN [821901da] /

    251-V4.BIN [b49e6178] (TC5316200CP)


    Custom chip:

    SNK CORP PCM 9915 K52 (80pin PQFP)

    SNK NEO-SMA (144pin PQFP)



    251-M1.BIN [5e74539c] (TC531001DP)

    251-C1.BIN [0f9e93fe] (TC5364205P)

    251-C2.BIN [e71e2ea3] |

    251-C3.BIN [238755d2] |

    251-C4.BIN [438c8b22] |

    251-C5.BIN [0b0abd0a] |

    251-C6.BIN [65bbf281] |

    251-C7.BIN [ff65f62e] |

    251-C8.BIN [8d921c68] /


    Custom chip:

    SNK NEO-CMC 90G06CF7042 JAPAN 9926EAI D0358AAA (240pin PQFP)











    tophuntr Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (set 1)



    Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy -

    ©1994 SNK




    046-P1.BIN [69fa9e29] 1,048,576

    046-P2.SP2 [f182cb3e] 1,048,576

    046-S1.BIN [14b01d7b] 131,072

    046-M1.BIN [3f84bb9f] 131,072

    046-V1.BIN [c1f9c2db] 1,048,576

    046-V2.BIN [56254a64] 1,048,576

    046-V3.BIN [58113fb1] 1,048,576

    046-V4.BIN [4f54c187] 1,048,576

    046-C1.BIN [fa720a4a] 1,048,576

    046-C2.BIN [c900c205] 1,048,576

    046-C3.BIN [880e3c25] 1,048,576

    046-C4.BIN [7a2248aa] 1,048,576

    046-C5.BIN [4b735e45] 1,048,576

    046-C6.BIN [273171df] 1,048,576

    046-C7.BIN [12829c4c] 1,048,576

    046-C8.BIN [c944e03d] 1,048,576



    Dumped 11/25/2000




    tpgolf Top Player's Golf



    Top Player's Golf


    Joystick - Control ball direction and select mode

    A button - Shot & club selection

    (select shot using shot gauge)

    B button - Club selection & mode

    C button - Not Used

    D button - Score card display

    * Nassau game mode available







    Here are the proms for Top Player's Golf

    NOTE: These proms are for the arcade version




    viewpoin Viewpoint



    Here are the proms for View Point!


    These proms are taken from the Arcade version.






    wh2 World Heroes 2




    # World Heroes 2 Jet #

    # for the NEO GEO #

    # AES Console System #




    Dumped on 08/19/1998





    whp World Heroes Perfect




    | World Heroes PERFECT!! |

    | Genre: Fighting, Silly |

    | Size: 226 Megabits |

    [ Released On: 10-18-98 ]



    This time around, its World Heroes Perfect! Easily the best of

    the world heroes series. WHP adds crazy combo potential, newly

    drawn specials, new supers, new stages, guard crush attacks,

    and a story line straight out of a feature on Mystery Science

    Theatre 2000!

  9. Thanks Amigo Hotaru.

    But, what's Ur viewpoint about the following romsets ; could U confirm if they come from aes or not ?


    1/ 2020bbh

    2/ aof2a

    3/ bakatono

    4/ burningh

    5/ 8man

    6/ fatfursa

    7/ fightfva

    8/ fbfrenzy

    9/ kotmh

    10/ lbowling

    11/ maglordh

    12/ minasan

    13/ mutnat

    14/ ncombata

    15/ ncommand

    16/ pbobblna

    17/ rbff2a

    18/ ridheroh

    19/ roboarma

    20/ sengokh

    21/ shocktra

    22/ kof95a

    23/ kof96h

    24/ kof97a

    25/ lastblda

    26/ tpohunta

    27/ wh1h

  10. Yes, it has been released, but Xor's aren't released yet.




    hs2.01 131,072bytes C1A13786

    hs2.02 131,072bytes 2D8794AA

    hs2a.03 524,288bytes D50A17E0

    hs2a.04 524,288bytes A27F42DE

    hs2.05 524,288bytes DDE34A35

    hs2.06 524,288bytes F4E56DDA

    hs2a.07 524,288bytes EE4420FC

    hs2.08 524,288bytes C9441533

    hs2.09 524,288bytes 3FC638A8

    hs2.10 524,288bytes 20D0F9E4

    hs2.11 8,388,608bytes 0E15C359

    hs2.13 8,388,608bytes A6ECAB17

    hs2.15 8,388,608bytes 10A0AE4D

    hs2.17 8,388,608bytes ADFA7726

    hs2.19 8,388,608bytes BB3AE322




    hs2j.03 524,288bytes 00738F73

    hs2j.04 524,288bytes 40072C4A

    hs2j.07 524,288bytes 09FE85B4


    & Puzloop2 has been released too.

  11. Also, KoF Special Edition 2004 Plus has been released :


    System: NEO

    RomName: kf2k4spd

    Game: The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 Plus (fully decrypted)

    Parent: kof2k4se





























    CartridgeID: 0

    GfxCrypt: 0

    GfxKey: 0

    ButLayout: 9

    Fix: 0


  12. U needn't any patches. When I meant "patch", I meant "DVD2xbox can apply a patch to remove media check".


    Just launch DVD2xbox on Ur X-Box, select the default.xbe of the game, then press "start" to remove media check from.xbe. That's all.

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